Chapter 5. Unconditional Caring

Goal: to love oneself, others and our world unconditionally.

Unconditional love is perhaps the most ideal, and what we all strive. And only animals can it give you. When you see the happiness in the eyes of your dog as you come home from work or school you know that kind of love maybe no one can give to you.

Unconditional love (caring with no strings attached) is what we all strive for.

Unconditional caring for oneself, others, and our world is seen as the pinnacle of spirituality Our Wellness Compass goal of unconditional caring is for you to unconditionally love yourself, others, and our world, manifesting your love daily through your words and actions. Achievement of this goal requires balancing the competing needs of self-love (self-care) with the needs of others: one must be able to concurrently balance competing needs of self-love with compassionate acts for others and the world. Travelers are encouraged to establish boundaries and align charitable giving and environmental consciousness with one’s moral compass.

Remember that the decision on how you focus and balance your gifts (to who, how much) evolves with time, responsibilities and resources. In the context of the Wellness Compass, it is understood as a decision only you can make because only you know how much energy you need to maintain sufficient self-love, only you can decide your priorities. It’s your choice! Some people may feel they have the right to judge you and your choices, they don’t.

Activity 5: Demonstrating Unconditional Love

Use to develop clarity on how to enhance your self -love and unconditional love for other and our world.

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