Chapter 7. Cheerful

Goal: to sustain a positive attitude.

To maintain a cheerful positive outlook one must constant seek the light or good aspects of live.

To maintain a cheerful positive outlook one must constant seek the light or good aspects of life.

Negativity has been labeled as “the most dangerous word in the world.”[1] It produces stress hormones and neurotransmitters that disrupt normal brain function. Instead of feeling the positive emotion of joy, during times of negativity you feel a greater amount or degree of Being grumpy, critical, or perpetually in a bad mood hurts others; it also discourages friendships and compromises your work performance. Notably, your brain perceives negativity as a threat, which makes it easier to maintain a negative mood than a positive mood. Alternatively, “Positive emotions trigger an upward spiral toward emotional well-being.”[2] They broaden your mind and encourage open-mindedness, creativity, and enthusiasm, which are keys to professional success. Short-term cheerfulness increases the odds that you’ll feel good in the future. Positivity on a daily basis reduces stress and fundamentally affects how others perceive and interact with you. Unless we consciously choose to be as positive and joyful as possible we can easily be overwhelmed with negativity, creating a constant stream of negative emotions. This chapter focuses on how to sustain a cheerful outlook and apply this mind-set to our thoughts and actions, no matter how difficult a situation.

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