To: Me, From: Me

Join the ican! Holiday Pledge

Welcome to the ican! To: Me, From: Me, Holiday Pledge Page


ican! symbolizes your choice to take charge of your well-being, to believe you will be successful


  • To empower individuals to take control of their well-being, specifically their physical health each year from mid November to January 1.
  • To facilitate belief that YOU can concurrently enjoy holidays and NOT gain a substantial amount of excess weight that you’ll later regret.
  • To promote self-efficacy, “I know I can do it!”

 Supporting Materials

Materials for this campaign include a color two-sided pledge letter (front is where you commit; back contains your plans) in *.pdf & MS Word, and business card templates as shown on this page and in a MS Word File. The letter can be used either as an individual pledge document or to advertise the campaign, the business cards are designed as personal reminders you can carry with you or stick on a refrigerator.

Go public by using the #ican! hashtag, post and share a selfie of your pledge, join my facebook Holiday Pledge Event by November 23, 2017

In Kailua, Hawaii pick free Holiday Pledge business cards at AnytimeFitness-Kailua, and  Satori Salon and Spa


Great resource to AVOID  weight gain this Holiday season

31 Science-backed ways to Avoid Holiday Weight Gain by Nicole McDermott,

5 blogs posts that support each posts:

Posted each Wednesday from 11/1 to 11/29/17




Expected Use of ican! Materials

  • This is strictly a no-profit concept. You can use any aspect of ican! to promote your organization, but everything you give away that is directly related to any ican! use or specific public donation must be 100% free and of your good-will. If you know that you inadvertently gain from this use without intent please donate at least 50% of the profits to either Joda P. Derrickson ( or donate directly to to assist in ending sex trafficking of women in Hawaii.
  • All use is expected to be 100% voluntary based on personal choice. Use must be consistent with the purpose and objectives of the campaign. Anyone, group or agency can utilize the materials and concepts as long as they retain a visible reference to and #ican! and the materials are not used in a competitive, coercive, punitive way that is negative in intent or purpose. If this occurs by accident please apologize and repent by apologizing to all individuals affected, including bystanders and changing your ways (repent) or talk to the author.
  • You may adapt the materials to facilitate better use. Coaches, families, and health and human services personnel are encouraged to adapt (cut and paste) what every they like of the campaign materials for their own use, including adding their own logo (just not taking away any existing logos). If you adapt material you are expected to add, “Adapted from the ican!Holiday Pledge Materials, Derrickson J.P. (2017), found at”
  • Graphics from istock. Note all pictures either belong to the author or were paid for by the author from iStock. If you intend to use the graphics for any other use but in the *.pdf than please legally download your graphics from istock.