ican! symbolizes your choice to take charge of your well-being

by Joda P. Derrickson, PhD, RD, CHC  || joda@wellnesscompasstravelguide.com


ican! Purpose

  • To empower individual “wellness travelers”  across the world to take control of their well-being, happiness and success.
  • To promote self-efficacy “I know I can do it” related to well-being
  • To encourage social media interaction for personal wellness using the #ican! hashtag and plegdes/support via a secure Facebook group page

Anticipated ican! Campaigns

Various challenge campaigns will be provided to encourage commitment to personal development throughout the year.

  • Holiday Pledge: To: Me. From: Me (November to New Years) – Released annually on November 1.
  • Embargoed pledge To be Released December 3, 2017
  • My New Years Resolution Pledge (expected launch after Xmas): Released Annually December 27
  • My Lenten (Spring) Spiritual Pledge: Released Annually on Shrove (Fat) Tuesday
  • I will save pledge – Released Annually on May 1
  • KISS pledge: Released Annually on July 4

Example materials

Overall ican! materials

Material expected to available for each campaign

  • *.Pdf of the pledge (for individual use or advertising)
  • A template personal token of the pledge i.e. business card, bookmark
  • A MS Word file with adaptable materials including the text that can be adapted

Link to download materials specific to the Holiday Pledge. To: Me, From: Me.

Expected Use of ican! Materials

  • This is strictly a no-profit concept. You can use any aspect of ican! to promote your organization, but everything you give away that is directly related to any ican! use or specific public donation must be 100% free and of your good-will. If you know that you inadvertently gain from this use without intent please donate at least 50% of the profits to either Joda P. Derrickson (joda@wellnesscompasstravelguide.com) or donate directly to https://hoolanapua.org/donate/ to assist in ending sex trafficking of women in Hawaii.
  • All use is expected to be 100% voluntary based on personal choice. Use must be consistent with the purpose and objectives of the campaign. Anyone, group or agency can utilize the materials and concepts as long as they retain a visible reference to wellnesscompasstravelguide.com and #ican! and the materials are not used in a competitive, coercive, punitive way that is negative in intent or purpose. If this occurs by accident please apologize and repent by apologizing to all individuals affected, including bystanders and changing your ways (repent) or talk to the author.
  • You may adapt the materials to facilitate better use. Coaches, families, and health and human services personnel are encouraged to adapt (cut and paste) whatever they like of the campaign materials for their own use, including adding their own logo (just not taking away any existing logos). Pictures are either the authors or were legally downloaded from istockphoto.com. If you use adapted materials that contain istock image have not been modified you should pay for the use of them.