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Accomplish your goals with the Wellness Compass Journey

Accomplish your goals with the Wellness Compass Journey

Cue ‘Mission Impossible” music.

Your mission, should you decide to accept it, is to embark on a journey of lifelong wellness…

Professionals utilize tools specific to their trade to ensure their success. For example, Ethan Hunt, Tom Cruise’s character in the recent Mission: Impossible series has his motorcycle and his cool weapons, and he is trained to use them to overcome any villain in his path. Carpenters who build strong foundations need wood saws, hammers, and nails; farmers who plant and reap harvests have soil, tractors, seeds, and a lot of water; doctors have stethoscopes, bandages and many different ways to detect and treat ailments. To prioritize, strategize, and execute successfully. wellness travelers also need skills and tools; that’s why the Wellness Compass Journey was created.

Life is the ultimate adventure, with highs, lows, and plateaus. Each of us is a traveler in his or her own life’s journey. Many times we can’t reach our final destination (our goal) in one trip but require wayside stops or benchmarks along the way. At the stops, we rest, reassess our plan, refuel, and retool for the next stop. At times, because of new threats or opportunities, either our benchmarks or our ultimate goal changes, and we tweak our plans accordingly. In terms of wellness, each destination represents a different stage or state of your well-being at a different time in your life. Where you go and how long you stay at each peak, plateau, or valley is your choice. We are each led by our desired personal wellness vision.

The Wellness Compass Journey (aka the Journey) is your generic travel plan, a template for lifelong Wellness Journey planning that will help you develop and hone the goal accomplish skills you need for a that you  too can successfully accomplish your mission!

Highlights of Part 3. The Wellness Compass Journey 

Chapters 21-24.

Chapter 21, Tools to Facilitate a Successful Journey, provides travelers with a standard process, tools, and guidance that can be used repeatedly to effectively accomplish any goals. It’s a robust three-step process that is specifically designed to guide travelers through the standard decisions associated with the entire process of goal attainment. It can be used for a single goal or used to accomplish multiple goals over any time period. It is specifically designed to facilitate holistic assessment across the entire spectrum of well-being, and to create realistic action plans.

Tool for each phase of your journey can be downloaded for free.

Chapter 22: Backsliding Prevention and Recovery Tips. No one is perfect all the time. All travelers should expect periods of lower levels of success simply because of unforeseen events or other priorities. Travelers should expect greater challenges for issues that involve a high degree of change, sacrifice, or emotional turmoil. The Wellness Compass encourages travelers to know the most common warning signs of backsliding and to have a tune-up plan in place for when they first notice waning motivation, increasing temptation, or decreasing levels of progress.

Chapter 23: Maintaining Your Wellness LifestyleThe Wellness Compass Travel guide designed as a guidebook for a lifelong journey. Travelers who have a long-term vision approach their well-being with a different mind-set. Because of this conviction, their time, resources, and efforts are viewed as investments—deposits that one will harvest annually. This is referred to as a wellness lifestyle. Activities aids travelers in considering a commitment to maintain a high level of well-being across any or all domains for two or more years, even if the Wellness Compass is not utilized.

Note: Travelers who are health professionals, experienced at wellness, or otherwise want to clarify their vision of holistic long-term wellness are encouraged to do activities 23.1 and 23.2 prior to the Wellness Compass Profile

Chapter 24: Packing for a Lifelong Journey. The Wellness Compass concludes by providing suggestions for successful packing. Travelers are encouraged to prioritize and maintain their top 20 wellness essentials as a visionary component of establishing and maintaining their wellness lifestyle.