Q & A

Q1. Why was this book written?

Quick Answer: This book fills a missing niche in wellness literature.

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Details. Although seven wellness dimensions —spiritual, emotional, social, intellectual, occupational, physical, and sometimes environmental—have been defined, most resources address only one or two aspects of wellness. In addition, we are all unique individuals; what works for some people won’t work for others simply because of our diverse genetics, ages, resources, and life experiences. The Wellness Compass Travel Guide is a revolutionary approach to lifelong well-being. Like an atlas with a complex road network, it holistically weaves the different routes to optimal well-being together so that the reader, referred to as a wellness traveler, can use it as a map to lifelong well-being.

Q2. Why is it valuable? 

Expect to transform with the Wellness Compass Journey.

A2. Five reasons why it’s worthy of your time

  1. It’s comprehensive and integrated yet simplified. This single resource consolidates what was previously seven dimensions of wellness into four and addresses the challenge of maintaining balanced overall well-being over time, not just in the short term. Generic goals and self-assessments provide the framework for simple wellness, upon which you can build your own wellness plan.
  2. It’s user friendly, digital, and documented. It combines the rigor of peer-reviewed journal research and popular books with practical online sources in a footnote format that encourages readers to immediately link to original online sources, particularly in the digital version of the book.
  3.  The Journey is a flexible step-by-step wellness goal accomplishment process that can be integrated into existing planning, organizational, financial, wellness, or New Year’s resolutions systems. It can be utilized as a step-by-step guide for how to accomplish any goal, to jump-start a comprehensive wellness program, as a reference text, or as an ongoing program to maintain wellness over your lifetime.
  4. It puts you in the driver’s seat. Like any travel guide, this resource provides alternatives for where to go, when to go, and how to get there. Instead of telling you this is the only way, you make decisions on what, where, when, and how you enhance your well-being. It respects your individuality, your current wellness, your education and financial status, and even your religion (if you have one). It consistently outlines the boundaries between wellness issues, where travelers are expected to be self-managed, and clinical health issues or other similar areas, where prompt expert assistance is warranted. It purposely expects you to make choices, to outline and consider pros and cons, and to be in control of your own well-being. It’s written to inspire, educate, challenge, encourage, and empower.
  5. It was written by a credible author, Joda P. Derrickson, PhD, RDN, ACSM EP-C, CHC, who has twenty-five years of diverse experience in health-related research and counseling.  I know what it’s like to financially struggle and to be angry, grieving, lost, exhausted, ill, and in acute pain.  I’ve been blessed to help thousands of people of various ages and backgrounds and problems because I listen, empower, provide tough love when needed, and truly want you to succeed.

Q3. Whose the target audience?

A3. You! Anyone over age 18.

General limitations. This book is about obtaining and maintaining wellness through proactive self-care. It is not designed to treat clinical problems, unless you are using concepts in The Wellness Compass Travel Guide in conjunction with an expert. Throughout the entire book, I’ve acknowledged when I recommend professional support, and I provide highlighted warnings, like the one below, for when expert intervention is warranted.

Please do not try to resolve life-threatening problems without professional assistance

Q4. Why are all the tools and so much information on the book provided for free?

A4. Dr. Derrickson likes to make money (who doesn’t?), but the primary purpose of this book is to extend a path of balanced lifelong wellness to anyone, anywhere at anytime.  Plans are underway to develop a workbook, a workshops and videos to help wellness travelers in their journey. 

Q5.  How can I do all the activities if I buy the digital version?

A5.  You have options!

  • Invest in your wellness and buy the paperback version
  • Download any of the activities as many times as you want. Some are offered as MS Word or MS Excel compatible so you can really make them your own. It is recommended that if you choose this option that you keep your completed hard copy of the activities.  so you can refer to them in future years.
  • Make it your own. Get a composition notebook or journal, or a digital file, and use it throughout your entire journey to records a summary of your responses to the key questions in the activities you complete.

Q6.  You say it’s flexible. What do you really mean by this?

A6.  Three things:

Pick and choose. Adapt. Tweak it. Do what you need to be successful. YOU can.

  1. I don’t tell you what to do. I provide assessments, raise questions and process for you to consider based on my research and experience. You decide what  you will do (or not do), how and when.
  2. You are encouraged to pick and choose how you implement the just like you would any travel guide. It’s s not a clinical or expert manual,  but a wellness travel guide. It’s designed to point you in the right direction and help you stay  balanced over time.
  3. Third, you are encouraged to tweak it, adapt it merge it with your existing goal and health monitoring systems to really make whatever resonates with you. This applies to other helping professionals, all i ask is that you credit myself as author and the book, i.e. Adapted from Joda P. Derrickson, The Wellness Compass Travel Guide….


Indirectly this means that to really maintain levels of wellness over time, I believe YOU must know yourself very well.  I acknowledge that it’s likely that you’ve already found some key things or systems that work very well for you and should retain them.

More questions…read the book! Nah–contact me at jodaderr@gmail.com.