Affirmations to overcome bad moods

Reset your mood by affirming good habits and positive mind set

A week ago I was supposed to take my dear mother to lunch. An hour before I was supposed to leave I realized I probably needed my phone and keys. Of course, they were nowhere in sight, and I frantically searched the house, road my bike to work, only to confirm that I had left […]

Amazing Discovery: I need to shut my mouth!

Lessons learned from my kindness matter challenge that apply to NY Resolutions

I just completed my 23rd of 24 acts of kindness by leaving a gift for our dedicated mail carrier. Focusing on an act of kindness each day lifted my blues, and provided me an opportunity to really experience the true meaning of Christmas – unconditional caring (love). As analyzed below in my sort of the 24 “Random acts […]

Kindness shoos blues

ican! Kindness Matters challenge progress report: Kindness aids Seasonal Affective Disorder

Today is the first day since Thanksgiving that it’s been sunny. During almost two weeks of grey days i struggled with being SAD. My Season Affective Disorder-an overwhelming feeling of the blues when the days are cloudy and short requires daily management-especially as a I age.   The tried and true SAD strategies of light, sticking to […]

Join my KINDNESS MATTERS challenge

When you care enough you can change the world.--Hallmark

Earlier this year, two people in the hospital I work at were looking for an auditorium. Since it was difficult to find, I escorted them. They graciously thanked me and I went about my day. A few hours later our Wellness Director enthusiastically shared, “I told them it was Joda!”  She went on to explain […]

Beat the holiday bulge & blues w/o busting your budget

Happy healthy holiday opportunities with Coach Joda P. Derrickson

I’m all about helping people and especially want to wish you a Happy Healthy Holiday by providing diverse opportunities over the next few weeks to help you beat the holiday bulge and/or blues, without busting your holiday budget. First, $$$ savings. Perhaps you need fast, useful gift for someone on your gift list needs help in […]

Staying Positive: My Top 5 Happiness Tips

#5/5 ican! holiday pledge series/Goal Accomplishment

Today, I ran on the beach with our border collie, one my favorite things to do.  It made me happy.  This choice met 2 of my 5 happiness tips (below). Vigorous outdoor activity is one way that I stay positive and can persistently overcome obstacles that challenge goal accomplishment, i.e. maintaining willpower to NOT gain weight during […]

My Top 3 strategies to maintain weight over the holidays

ican! #2/5. Holiday To Me: From Me: Pledge.

In this second of 5 posts supporting the ican! To Me: From Me: holiday pledge campaign to either NOT gain any weight this holiday season or proactively commit to making whatever healthful actions needed to help accomplish your New Years Resolutions. Q1. Why do people eat more during the holiday season? We want to and […]

Wisdom comes from accepting critque from others.

From the Wisdom Ways Series by Pastor David Rivers

We weren’t designed to do life independently, but to live in unison with and among others. Sometimes, like in the picture above, we can’t achieve what we want without a little help from our friends. Other times we need others to kindly and gently point them  our dullness, our faults and keep us on track […]

Above all protect your mind, your soul

From the Wisdom Way devotional series by Pastor David Rivers

Negativity surrounds us, overwhelming our souls with dark energy. How do you stay focused on the Light?

In search of inner peace: Stop here!

Use Radical Forgiveness by Collin Tipin to clear your conscience

In emotional pain? Feel out of balance and need peace?    I encourage you to be open-minded,  and to try the Radical Forgiveness method developed by Colin Tipping to clear your conscience.           It’s a simple process to release pain whether you are the offender or the offended, whether you seek any cleansing within […]