Prudence does not mean failing to accept responsibilities and postponing decisions; it means being committed to making joint decisions after pondering responsibly the road to be taken.

Pope Benedict XVI

To Ponder: Treatment without prevention is simply unsustainable. –Bill Gates Prevention is better than cure. –Desisiderus Erasmus   References

5 tips to overcome fears that sabotage fitness success

Lean and Fit Extra #1 of 2. Becoming "burpee-dauntless"

If you don’t know about Burpees or Spartan Races check this out I’ve trained for months. I can climb a rope, do many pull ups, carry weights, balance and run 10 miles in heat, but I still struggle to do excessive amounts of burpees.  Last time we did a shorter Spartan event we were forced to […]

Vulnerability requires a leap of faith

You make a difference series

Today I learned that to change requires you to be vulnerable, to open yourself up to the unknown, to take the risk of mockery, possibly not being correct, or popular.  It requires courage to be openminded, to take risks, to boldly go, to keep adapting and pushing out the boundaries of the possible.  Personally, I […]


Top 10 reasons why I love to be really fit

 More exercise, water and sweat means more regularity (less constipation), cleansing and a healthier, happier body.

#10. Exercise is Medicine

Reasons I love to be fit (cardio-respiratory exercise)

It doesn’t matter where or how fast, just go You may think that I’m this petite health nut, but i’ve been fighting degenerative osteoarthritis, skin cancer and blood sugar issues since my 20’s. If didn’t exercise as hard as i do at least five days a week i’d already have Type II diabetes, osteoarthritis and […]

Top 10 reasons why I love to be really fit (#1/11)

Overcoming obstacles to exercise & my "comeback" from spinal tumor removal

On June 30, 2016 i had what was most likely a Schwannoma Tumor removed from my inside my spinal chord by Christopher Lenart, MD and co., at Kaiser Moanalua.  Retrospectively, i had it for least a year before i realized the incredible shooting nerve pain wasn’t just a torn hamstring  It also took 4 doctors visits with […]

Preventive Tip #1. Minimize the pain of long hours at the computer

Good ergonomics make a difference

Stop the pain! Check out this infographic for a snap shot about” Office syndrome” and basic chair ergonomics; then Fitness Blog Tip #1 for why and how to minimize sitting disease.