Overcome snacking challenges that undermine your weight loss resolutions

Tantalizing treats can undermine anyone’s diet when you aren’t clearly motivated and have a virtual pantry full of weapons to fortify against a snack attack. Here’s what I recommend you take stock of: Stay motivated with a clear vision of success.  Post your goal, strategies, key benefits of success, and consequences if you don’t stay on […]

Great online monthly fitness tracker for 2018 from Anytime Fitness

Talk about useful wellness and fitness tracker for 2018!! What a great tool! Yeah, Anytime fitness!!

ATF blog post

Full 2018 monthly fitness tracking calendar pdf.

Full citations: http://blog.anytimefitness.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/12/AMKT16964_Monday_2017Calendar_Full-1.pdf


Successful New Years Resolutions (NRY) planning #1: Download free guide today

Sick of setting New Year’s Resolutions (NYR) only to give up 6 weeks later? Make 2018 the year you accomplish your goals using the free “new Successful New Years Resolutions  booklet to jumpstart effective NYR planning and year of success. NOTE: The booklet was designed to be a 4 page, 2-sided, flip on the short sided […]

Need motivation? Assess your bucket list.

Successful New Year Resolutions Series

With bills, traffic, weather, health concerns getting motivated about New Years Resolutions can be challenging. The Solution: Reconsider your Bucket List!  Check out a great article by You Queen  for additional reasons why your Bucket List is such a great motivational tool. How? It’s yours so do it your way: a short list, a dream board, […]

What the best and worst of 2017?

Step 1. Successful New Years Resolution Planning

What do you see in your rear view mirror of the past year? In 5 days we’ll be at the cusp of a new year! It’s an exciting time: Time to celebrate and time to set New Years Resolutions (NYR). You want to be successful, right? Well, since over 90% us are not successful with […]

Mid-term assessment of holiday pledges

Tips for staying on track with goal accomplishment despite obstacles

How are you doing with your holiday self-care efforts? It’s half way through December. This week I knew needed to assess my ican! goal-to maintain (not gain) weight this holiday season-by getting on the scale.  But… I had a challenging week…I didn’t met my exercise goals because I wasn’t feeling well, the weather was bad, it […]

Staying Positive: My Top 5 Happiness Tips

#5/5 ican! holiday pledge series/Goal Accomplishment

Today, I ran on the beach with our border collie, one my favorite things to do.  It made me happy.  This choice met 2 of my 5 happiness tips (below). Vigorous outdoor activity is one way that I stay positive and can persistently overcome obstacles that challenge goal accomplishment, i.e. maintaining willpower to NOT gain weight during […]

5 things I’m grateful for in 2017

NYR-2017 #1. Reflecting on your previous success

2017 was a big year for me. At 53, I’m going blind, arthritic, and losing my fine motor coordination. Fortunately,  I’m also becoming wiser, kinder, more confident and finally, more patient. I entered the year struggling to recover from a spinal cord surgery and to release my book, The Wellness Compass Travel Guide: Tools for […]

Persistent Accountability

ican! Holiday pledge series #3/5

Today I go public with my 2018 To: Me: From Me: ican! Holiday Pledge (Click for my ican! pledge YouTube Video)) as part of how I will “persistently” keep myself accountable,” the 3rd of 5 posts: My 5 P’s of Successful Goal Accomplishment Purposefully pledge (commit) to something that’s important to enhance any aspect of your […]

My Top 3 strategies to maintain weight over the holidays

ican! #2/5. Holiday To Me: From Me: Pledge.

In this second of 5 posts supporting the ican! To Me: From Me: holiday pledge campaign to either NOT gain any weight this holiday season or proactively commit to making whatever healthful actions needed to help accomplish your New Years Resolutions. Q1. Why do people eat more during the holiday season? We want to and […]