Improve your life with Mindfulness

Wisdom of Weeding Series

I’ve always thought mindfulness meant paying attention.  Instead of using a “grab and go” technique to quickly reduce the appearance of 5 ugly vestiges among my flowers, instead I must carefully look at each individual weed to determine the correct location to pull it up by it’s  roots, for root extraction is required to reach […]

The Wellness Compass Travel Guide: Tools for a Successful Lifelong Journey (Bloomington: IUniverse, 2017)

Do you want to maintain high levels of health, happiness, and accomplishment for a lifetime?

In The Wellness Compass Travel Guide, Dr. Joda P. Derrickson provides a practical framework for assessing, improving, and maintaining diverse aspects of personal well-being. This flexible step-by-step handbook puts you in the driver’s seat by providing:

  • The Wellness Compass, a navigational tool to maintain balanced well-being.
  • The Wellness Compass Guidebook, a compilation of resources and activities that facilitate self-defined strategies for resolving wellness challenges.
  • The Wellness Compass Journey, a three-step process for goal achievement with step-by step guidance, tips to prevent backsliding, and strategies to maintain a lifelong wellness lifestyle.

Whether you use this system to accomplish a single New Year’s Resolution or to maintain high levels of well-being across your lifetime, it’s flexible. Adapt it. Make it your own. Keep climbing your mountains and achieving your dreams!

Additional copies of activities (tools) can be downloaded from


Let your light shine.

You make a difference series

Darkness is cold, fearful, often lonely, sometimes represents evil. We feel dark when we lose our hope, our faith or believe and love of our self, and/or the Divine. Light shines to overcome darkness to provide a path of warmth, hope and joy.  We all have light in us, but unless we’re brave enough to […]

Vulnerability requires a leap of faith

You make a difference series

Today I learned that to change requires you to be vulnerable, to open yourself up to the unknown, to take the risk of mockery, possibly not being correct, or popular.  It requires courage to be openminded, to take risks, to boldly go, to keep adapting and pushing out the boundaries of the possible.  Personally, I […]