How I Detox to Rebalance

Balance Series: #1

When I was in my 20’s I never worried about detoxing. I ate well, got a lot of exercise and sleep, and didn’t intake much coffee, alcohol or artificial foods. In my 50’s my life is a lot different: More sitting, coffee, and medications: less outdoor activity.  Despite eating, exercising and sleeping well I still feel toxic (flat, sluggish, slow) from time to time, especially after the holidays or vacations with lots of tempting rich foods and drinks.

You may think a person like me doesn’t need to detox, but I do drink coffee, alcohol and take prescribed meds. These substances works over my liver which is a key detox organ. I admit I don’t always drink enough water, or get enough fresh fruits or fiber, so my gut gets clogged up too! YUCK.  Fortunately, it’s not that hard or expensive to cleanse.

How you do it is really up to you. Gaia, a trusted detox resource,  provides an excellent overview of different cleansing options.  I recommend it for newbies.  As illustrated, I value a lot of “daily health tips” that are outlined in my Wellness Compass Healthy Habits, particularly:

  • Believing in a higher power, yourself and the value of your life purpose.
  • Prioritizing your sleep. Most of us need to go to bed earlier.
  • Maintaining positive energy with spiritual practices that cleanses your conscience.
  • Drinking lots of clean water: I like alkaline from my Kangen water system to balance my acidity.
  • Exercising: particularly outdoor cardio that makes you sweat and meditative yoga.
  • Eating lots of whole grains, nuts, seeds and produce every day.
  • Limiting sugar, fried foods, additives exposure to toxic chemicals including artificial products including exposure to plastic drinking and eating containers!

Every quarter or so (early January, Easter week/end of lent, sometime in the summer and later in the fall) I clean out any excess junk food and products I’ve allowed myself to accumulate and focus on 3-7 days of very clean eating: lots of water, dark greens, fresh produce, nuts, and seeds. If I fast, I always eat breakfast and drink liquids the rest of the day: I have to keep up my proteins.  This year, I’m also exploring how drinking apple cider vinegar works for me.

For other products i’m using in 2017 check out my Cleanse YouTube video.

A word about constipation.  As we age staying regular (a BM almost every day), takes work.  All the advice on water, exercise, more fiber, more grains, nuts, seeds and produce really helps.  However,  excessive intake of processed foods, sweets, and medications; especially when coupled with insufficient water and exercise is a recipe for needing a personal roto-rooter. Don’t delay!! If you can’t STAY regular with healthy eating, consider a daily fiber supplement and talking to your doctor. If you are not having a bowel movement every 2-3 days that doesn’t hurt and does fully release backed up poop, please take it seriously.  Or, perhaps you prefer a trip to the ER for an embarrassing enema?

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