Successful New Years Resolutions (NRY) planning #1: Download free guide today

Sick of setting New Year’s Resolutions (NYR) only to give up 6 weeks later? Make 2018 the year you accomplish your goals using the free “new Successful New Years Resolutions  booklet to jumpstart effective NYR planning and year of success.

NOTE: The booklet was designed to be a 4 page, 2-sided, flip on the short sided print job. If you struggle to print it out you can either print it out single sided, or it may be fastest just to use your own notebook or paper  based on the prompts below.

Why am I a credible source of goal planning? You may not know that my parents were financial planners,who began each January with a list of New Year’s Resolutions that were accomplished throughout the year. Thus, I grew up believing I was expected to set goals and accomplish them. My parents instilled a belief that I “could accomplish anything I set my mind to.” In additional to lifetime of personal well-being and overcoming obstacles and 30 years of e facilitating personal development, particularly weight loss for my clients, I truly believe that right attitude, tools and support we can each be our best.And when you’re at your best, anything is possible.

Do you want to be in the 8% of us who are successful their New Years Resolutions this year?

If so, please download, print and use my new Successful New Years Resolutions  booklet to jumpstart effective New Years planning or just check out the links from my outline below.  More?  Consider investing my book The Wellness Compass Travel Guide: Tools for a Successful Lifelong Journey (WCTG),, for free downloads from the book, blog posts,  or work with a credentialed coach

New Years Resolutions (NYR) Planning

A. Comprehensively assess your priorities 

B. Marinate your ideas for at least two days before you go on to Part 2. Setting Realistic Resolutions.

  • Draft potential resolutions using this format from the Happiness Planner: List the key things you need to continue (Why/How), start (how/why) and stop (how/why) over the next 12 months. Prioritize what you can really can do over the next three months.
  • Realistically check your time commitments over the year. Consider changes to your daily and weekly schedule, as well as everything you are expected to accomplish or attend over the next 12 months.
  • Mull it over.  Time allows your inner conscience to consider other ideas, including what you could have missed as well as envision what your success could look like.   Share ideas with key family members, friends etc.,  particularly getting input on goals that involve their time, support and or money.  Consider my Initial Goal Planning tool and consider Wellness Compass Journey for more detailed assessments before you proceed to final action plan draft an action plan like my Wellness Checklist and commit.

Don’t commit your are quite confident you will succeed!

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