What the best and worst of 2017?

Step 1. Successful New Years Resolution Planning

What do you see in your rear view mirror of the past year?

In 5 days we’ll be at the cusp of a new year! It’s an exciting time: Time to celebrate and time to set New Years Resolutions (NYR).

You want to be successful, right? Well, since over 90% us are not successful with our NYR and I know you can be successful if you plan well and persistently progress, I’m sharing my step-by-step  NYR process that I’ve successful used and adapted for years.

Step 1. Reflect on the Previous Year

Kick off your planning process by jotting in a notebook (or using my brand new handout below) by taking a few minutes to:

Reflect on the Previous Year

  • What were the best things that happened to you (why/how)?
  • What were the worst things that happened to you (why/how)?
  • What didn’t happen that should have happened (perhaps a failed previous resolution) and Why?
  • Consider: What did you learn, what should be continued? Talk to your friends and family: Ask them to share their highlights (it may be in their Christmas card or a Holiday Post). If you are married or have a significant other, be sure to include them in this conversation.


BRAND NEW Successful New Year Resolutions-Portrait Layout which is really the 2nd edition of my 2011 “Steps for Successful New Years Resolutions”

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