Amazing Discovery: I need to shut my mouth!

Lessons learned from my kindness matter challenge that apply to NY Resolutions

I just completed my 23rd of 24 acts of kindness by leaving a gift for our dedicated mail carrier. Focusing on an act of kindness each day lifted my blues, and provided me an opportunity to really experience the true meaning of Christmas – unconditional caring (love).

As analyzed below in my sort of the 24 “Random acts of kindness” I perceived:

  • A third were so easy and fun: Many I do daily as natural habits.
  • Another 50% took a bit more effort, but I could easily repeat if i work them into my way of life.
  • One wasn’t appropriate for me: This reiterated how important it is to respect differences.
  • Three (12%) were challenging, particularly going an entire day without complaining. Why? It takes all day! It also requires 1) a cheerful disposition and/or constantly reframing everything as destiny or an opportunity,  2) thinking and 3) “if you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say it” (aka, SHUT UP). Mom was right!

My big ah ha! 

The greatest unkindness I WAS doing was via unkind words: Meaning acts of kindness can be quickly undone with a rude remark, especially if said in anger.  Honestly, I knew this for year, but this little experiment has made be face the truth: I must change.

As one of my new year’s resolutions I will focus on better control of my mouth.

It’ll probably take a lifetime.


 24 Acts of Kindness 

Green= Acts I need to improve: Blue= Added weaknesses

Super easy & fun (8=33%)

  • Write a note saying you look great and put it on a bathroom mirror
  • Invite a friend to your house for a drink or a treat
  • Pick some flowers and give them to somebody you like
  • Make an effort to smile at everybody
  • Pick up a piece of trash for the sidewalk and throw it away
  • Make at least three people laugh
  • Put a small amount of money in a public place for someone else to find
  • Give a compliment

Easy, but takes a conscious effort (6:25%)

  • Call your parents/grandparents for a catch-up chat
  • Let somebody waiting in line go ahead of you
  • Do a chore without being asked
  • Stop and help someone
  • Write a thank you note to someone who has helped you
  • Tweet or Facebook friends/followers and wish them a great day

Not hard, but takes time and thought (6: 25)%

  • Take some canned food to the food bank
  • Pick one of your toys, books, games, DVDs, etc. and donate to charity
  • Surprise your coworkers with a homemade treat
  • Write a letter to a serving member of the military
  • Write a letter to someone far away and mail it
  • Leave a small gift or note to your mail carrier
  • Truly listen (before you speak)

Hardest for me (3:12%)

  • Go a day without complaining about anything
  • Anonymously pay for someone behind you in line
  • Provide a thoughtful gift
  • Keep your voice down: Be sensitive to others

Not for me (1:4%)

  • Make a homemade bird feeder 


What could you do to be more kind?

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