Mid-term assessment of holiday pledges

Tips for staying on track with goal accomplishment despite obstacles

How are you doing with your holiday self-care efforts?

It’s half way through December. This week I knew needed to assess my ican! goal-to maintain (not gain) weight this holiday season-by getting on the scale.  But… I had a challenging week…I didn’t met my exercise goals because I wasn’t feeling well, the weather was bad, it was dark and 100 other lame excuses. I was afraid to find out that I was failing. I was tempted to give in, slurp all the remaining eggnog with some delicious chocolate concoction.

I deserve to have a good holiday, right?  Everyone else is partying instead of going to the gym, why can’t I?

From the Beck Diet Solution – i knew I was trapped by my own “thinking errors” that lead to emotional eating and self-induced obstacles to exercise.  My “sabotaging thoughts rebuttal process” was very helpful but my willpower was waning. I needed help, and I needed it fast. I next applied my own 3 tips to keep myself on track and encourage you to use them if your haven’t already.

#1. Be honest and keep assessing your progress:  I had to bravely get on the scale. OMG! I was under my goal weight by half a pound!!

My entire mind game stopped cold when I was forced to be objective.

All my anxiety and head tripping was my own creation because I wasn’t making myself measure my progress!

#2. Reassess your goal and strategies – was it realistic? are you on track? what’s working? what do you need to tweak?

In my case, everything was 100% realistic on a good day, but ambitious when i wasn’t on my game. I also learned:

  • It’s beneficial to have both exercise and dietary goals pertaining to weight loss/maintenance, because if you are successful in some strategies you have a better chance of goal accomplishment, even when you can’t (or don’t) do everything as planned,
  • My act of kindness everyday kept me motivated; it helped overcome my blues which furthers “thinking errors” which is why I share today’s random act of kindness tip as the featured image for this post.
  • Going public forced me to do this progress report, which helped me stay accountable.
  • Making my myself go (because i paid for) to two 30 minute training sessions/week was key.  My trainers pushed me to just show up and get it done, when I felt like rolling over and taking a nap.

What will I do differently? For now I’m sticking to all my strategies and will get on the scale once a week to assure I’m on track. I also must drink 64 ounces of water a day and keep water accessible at all times.

What do you need to do differently to maintain not gain this holiday season?


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