Kindness shoos blues

ican! Kindness Matters challenge progress report: Kindness aids Seasonal Affective Disorder

Today is the first day since Thanksgiving that it’s been sunny. During almost two weeks of grey days i struggled with being SAD. My Season Affective Disorder-an overwhelming feeling of the blues when the days are cloudy and short requires daily management-especially as a I age.   The tried and true SAD strategies of light, sticking to my routine and self-care especially enough water and exercise are necessary. Fortunately, this year I have my secret weapon:

A kindness deed a day keeps the doctor away!

As outlined below and in my first Kindness Matters blog post i’m invested in a 24 day challenge to find out how much Kindness Matters in my life, and how it changes my world. See my Facebook and Instagram accounts,”Today’s act of kindness” for daily posts.

Here’s I’ve learned so far from my 6 day experience of doing an “assigned” act of kindness each day.

  1. It’s fun! Being kind each day is an adventure where you are always asking yourself, “What good deed can I do next?”
  2. I benefit more than my beneficiaries!.The commitment to the challenge has me constantly reflecting on the act itself-including publicly posting “today’s deed” – how I will accomplish it, when, to whom, etc, and eventually the feedback from it’s accomplishment. It’s a positive upward spiral.
  3. By allowing myself to “commit” to whatever today’s kindness challenge, I am forced be open-minded and to play by someone else’s rules. For me, a person who likes to be in control of everything, it forces me to see new possibilities==>growing==>positive.
  4. I am looking forward to each day in a different way. Just the anticipation of an unknown act of kindness is making my Christmas Merry, and making my holiday season brighter!

Suggested Acts of Kindness (Initials of those got my gift)

  1. Write a letter to someone far away and mail it. (BC)
  2. Surprise friends, family or co-workers with a homemade treat (SSS)
  3. Forgive someone and truly let it go (XX)
  4. Invite a friend to your house for a drink or treat (KA)
  5. Anonymously pay for someone behind you in line (TBA)
  6. Go a day without complaining about anything (me)

Let kindness change your world!

Feel free to not do an act, alter the suggestion so you can do it, change the order of the kindness suggestions and/or just go with flow.

If you decide to commit to all 24 days (or whenever you start), it means you won’t go to bed each of the 24 nights until you have completed at least one act of kindness.

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