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When you care enough you can change the world.--Hallmark

Earlier this year, two people in the hospital I work at were looking for an auditorium. Since it was difficult to find, I escorted them. They graciously thanked me and I went about my day. A few hours later our Wellness Director enthusiastically shared, “I told them it was Joda!”  She went on to explain how the couple I had escorted earlier had opened their public lecture on “Empathy” by describing how I had helped them. By sharing my name, unknownst and unsolicited  (the best kind of praise), she had gleefully informed everyone in the room that I had provided that little act of kindness – making me look good! Indirectly, I also provided an example of how our employees embody the “Love Matters” component of our organization mission – making my employer look good too!!!

Wow!  What a positive ripple effect for 2 minutes of my time.

Why is being compassionate – providing unconditional caring –  so important?

  1. Our world needs us to balance excess negativity with more positivity. Negativity and hate run rampant in our world. Unless we chose to stay positive, it’s easy to get sucked into a negative downward spiral that can destroy your mood, health and eventually your life.  Constant kindness creates a chain reaction  where kindness==>More Love >> Hate.
  2.  According to the ThinkKindess site, kindness matters because we are all one. Kindness provides hope for humanity.  It’s also a part of almost all religions – thus a critical part of both our spiritual and emotional well-being.
  3.  Acts of kindness can heal you as well as others because it makes you feel good about yourself, thus increasing your mood and self- confidence. If done habitually kindness becomes a natural component of a uplifted character (cheerfulness).

If your kindness doesn’t include  yourself it is complete. —Buddha

Thus, whatever motivates you to be caring, I invite you join my 24-day (advent) challenge to find out how providing a daily act of kindness benefits both you and others.  To inspire you I will be sending out only via my Facebook and Instagram accounts,”Today’s act of kindness” every day for the next 23 days.

Suggested Acts of Kindness

#1.  Write a letter to someone far away and mail it.

Over the next four weeks I’ll share stories about how “Acts of Kindness” have changed me or others and update the list above until we have a list of 24 kindness prompts.

Free free to not do prompts, alter them, do them in a different order, and/or just go with flow.  But please, COMMENT on social media with your own stories.  If you decide to commit to all 24 days (or whenever you start), it means you won’t go to bed each of the 24 nights until you have completed at least one act of kindness. Perhaps you can add your act(s) of kindness to “counting your blessings,” daily meditations, and/or daily prayers for others.

We are one and we are blessed.

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