Staying Positive: My Top 5 Happiness Tips

#5/5 ican! holiday pledge series/Goal Accomplishment

Today, I ran on the beach with our border collie, one my favorite things to do.  It made me happy.  This choice met 2 of my 5 happiness tips (below). Vigorous outdoor activity is one way that I stay positive and can persistently overcome obstacles that challenge goal accomplishment, i.e. maintaining willpower to NOT gain weight during the holidays.

We all know that life is tough and not fair, but did you know that the editors of “TIME’s Science of Happiness issue” reported that half of what we experience as happiness can be explained by genetics?  40% is behavior we can control like choices to get outside and move, sleep or socialize; 10% is individual differences in factors such as income and perception of beauty.

Recently National Geographic researchers found that residents in the happiest countries (Denmark, Costa Rica, Singapore; and the happiest place in the U.S., Boulder, CO), felt secure, had a sense of purpose and enjoy lives that minimize stress and maximize happiness  Essentially, their citizens pursued their goals intensely but not at the expensive of joy – meaning they know how to maintain balance – the pivotal center goal of the Wellness Compass Travel Guide (WCTG). Likewise, my tips for happiness reflect harmony across all four dimensions of the Wellness Compass, and require consistently reframing life using the “cup is half full” positive mentality.

“My ican! Five Tips for Happiness and Joyful Living”

#1.  Be honest with yourself

Without 100% honesty you are pretending and you know it. Loss of inner trust compromises your integrity which in turn nibbles away at your soul’s natural joyfulness.  Belief in God (the Divine, Creator, higher power) provides millions with hope and unconditional love. Daily rejoicing, praying, and thankfulness perpetuates faith and inner peace.

#2. Fully contribute to your life purpose

Your happiness and perceiving your life matters are like a chicken and egg discussion, or a DNA double helix – to work right they are intertwined. Without believing that both you and what you do, matters you will continue to feel lost, unconfident and unsatisfied. Notably, others may not realize how important your purpose, like caring for a needy loved one really is;  Don’t worry about what others say. If the little voice in your head constantly says it’s important, doing your best matters.

#3.  Take care of yourself physically and spiritually everyday

Without ongoing self-care and renewal you will not have the wherewithal to consistently accomplish tip #2. Without enough sleep or nutrition lying to yourself, a violation of tip #1, becomes a downward spiral of critique and negativity.


  • Watch my Happiness Video,
  • Download and complete WCTG Activities 21.1, 2-4, 7.2, 7.3, 8.2, 9.1, 12.3, 14.2, 17.5, 19,.1, and/or 24

#4.  Surround yourself with positive influences

No one, no matter how good, upbeat, or accomplished, can always do it alone, particularly if we’re challenged a serious grievous event, i.e. a death, or surrounded by constant negativity, like many of us are.

#5.  Either look good or decide not to care about your looks.

  Are you happy? How do you maintain a positive outlook despite adversity?