How imperfection can be empowering

#4/5 ican! Holiday Pledge/Goal Accomplishment

I get angry when I screw up. Sometimes it’s a big foot in the mouth for days: Other times it’s just a single typo. This post is devoted to the 4th P of my “5 P’s of Successful Goal Accomplishment:”

  • Practice without expecting perfection. Remember tomorrow’s another day to start over.

I ask for your indulgence while I share my own story, hoping it will empower your own goal accomplish and perhaps even make you smile.

Life is changing fast.  I’m a curious gal who easily gets bored. No matter what I always have too many things to do and not enough time. When I take on new goal, or a new challenge at work, I aim to be successful the first time.  I would love to be perfect – my bosses sure wish i could –  but i can’t. I’m just not born that way.

I don’t like to doing things slowly. I don’t like to work excessively worrying that everything is 100% perfect so that i’m too timid and scared to try.  I’m human. I like to go home on time, to do what I want to do, and to sleep at night without worries. I’ve learned perfection really isn’t all it seems – instead I seek a daily balance between effectiveness and efficiency.

I no longer seek perfection.

Instead, I continually aim to do it right, to do my best, and keep going.

To overcome the need for perfection, I first had to not hate myself when I screwed up, which is often when I take on a new challenge or just have too much to do.  I figure if God can forgive me and find me lovable than I can too. So i forgive myself and often have to ask others for forgiveness so I really clear my conscience (that how I sleep at night – every night).

This approach requires me to keep learning, typically by trial and error. I figure out why i made the mistake and how to overcome this obstacle so i don’t repeat my error. Sometimes I need help, particularly if it’s an IT, mechanically-related challenge, or something I can’t do myself.  Occasionally, i have to pay a specialist for their expertise. I’ve consistently found that if I truly want to achieve my goal the investment is 100% worth it. Why?? First of all, i’m successful because of receiving their expert guidance; secondly i value getting things done on time; third if i get help & encouragement i’m must less likely to give up.

Repeatedly using this process, I’ve learn that I can overcome any challenge. This “problem solving” process  of goal accomplishment empowers my self-efficacy and enhance self-confidence.  Even though i’m older, i’m know I’m still good at learning:  I just have to accept my imperfections, work effectively others who can help me, and never give up.

Bottomline: No matter how much I screw up, tomorrow is a new day: I will be OK.

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