Persistent Accountability

ican! Holiday pledge series #3/5

Today I go public with my 2018 To: Me: From Me: ican! Holiday Pledge
(Click for my ican! pledge YouTube Video))

as part of how I will “persistently” keep myself accountable,” the 3rd of 5 posts:

My 5 P’s of Successful Goal Accomplishment

  • Purposefully pledge (commit) to something that’s important to enhance any aspect of your well-being and BELIEVE you can. (Post #1)
  • Proactively plan key strategies and how you will overcome obstacles (Post #2)
  • Persistently keep yourself accountable and learn from mistakes (This post)
  • Practice without expecting perfection. Remember tomorrow’s another day to start over.
  • Stay Positive (with my new tips for happiness video)

Accountability is encompassed in my “Prioritized and Responsible” goal. It’s a key component for successfully achieving your life purpose or any goal.  It means that people can rely on you to get it done – that come rain or shine, YOU make it happen – you deliver – you are a person with integrity, who others can trust. It requires that you trust yourself to make it happen, persistently figuring out what it takes to get it done.

Giving up, giving in, and making excuses are NOT part of your ican! vocabulary.

Instead you will:

  1. Open-mindedly accept new ideas. You keep learning as you go, taking critiques and actually considering new ideas, that seem “out-of the box.” Why?  Without flexibility you can’t effectively overcome unforeseen obstacles or jump on better opportunities when they occur.
  2. Strategize and implement well. You invest in thinking through what the specific situation requires, using your insights, research, trial and error, and keep tweaking until you’ve got it right.
  3. Reach out for help and accept it gratefully! Get a coach, mentor or a friend.
  4. Publicly announce your intentions because you believe in yourself.  This is also a great way to get others to join your efforts. Beware: It’s best to under promise and overfulfill; it’s never a competition unless you make it one.
  5. Monitor your progress. You routinely document, starting with baseline measures, i.e. current weight, then find a way to accurately and consistently track your progress.  See my Wellness Checklist for ideas; but many phone apps, diaries, or organizers can help. Hint: Don’t yourself daily, and don’t just record: use the information to tweak your strategies.  Example:  if you aren’t losing weight when you want to, it usually means you need to up the exercise AND drop the “not as essential” calories.
  6. Learn from your mistakes. OMG, do I make mistakes! The key is I know I learn best by actually applying as I go. Yes, I goof up (get hurt, feel stupid).  But, I know if I consistently try hard (with all the steps above) ican! consistently do things I never thought I could.
  7. Just do it! (Thanks, Nike!)

In my book I share (Chapter 16, p. 343) how a little public announcement to my dad ending up changing my life in positive ways I never anticipated: Ironman World Championships – 1985.

May your holiday pledge change your life too.

If ican! You can!

Example completed ican! holiday pledge business card front and back