The ‘ican! Holiday Pledge’

ican! Holiday Pledge Series 1 of 5: 5P's to successful goal accomplishment

Give yourself a present by taking the ican! Holiday To: Me, From: Me pledge  to either NOT gain any weight this holiday season (what I call weight neutral) or commit to make whatever healthful actions needed to help you accomplish your New Year’s wellness resolutions.

Background. Every January I’m overwhelmed with clients who want to “get back on track after the holidays. I’ve wonder what would happen if we didn’t need to “get back on track,” what if we actually believed and succeeded in our new years resolutions for better health and fitness?

Wouldn’t it require us to first NOT gain weight over the holidays?

Last November I made my first ican! pledge, to not gain weight over the holidays. I succeeded in NOT gaining a pound because I was 100% commitment, and knew I could.

I know YOU can too!

That’s why my book, website, supporting social media and ican! were created.

You may think, “Yeah  it’s a lot easier for you than me? I have too many temptations.” I don’t have time for the gym.  I want to enjoy the holidays.“ You know it. I know it. These are all excuses.

Over come your excuses by using my 5 P’s of successful goal accomplishment

  • Purposely pledge (commit) to something that’s important to enhance any aspect of your well-being and BELIEVE you can. (this post)
  • Proactively plan key strategies and and how you will overcome obstacles (Post 2)
  • Practice without expecting to be perfect. Remember tomorrow’s another day to start over.
  • Stay positive. (Post 4)
  • Persistently keep yourself accountable and learn from mistakes (Post 3)

I’ll integrate how to use one or more of these strategies in the next four posts in this series.

Why make a pledge?  You know deep inside you really want to take care of yourself, you want to be successful, and honestly, why not?

How do you get started?  

  1. Like privacy? Download the ican! Holiday Pledge  and/or ican! Holiday Business Card and make a commit to yourself. You could post the pledge somewhere where you see it daily or just keeping the business card in your planner or wallet.
  2. Like social media?
  • Join (attend) the Holiday Pledge Facebook Event -2017 by confirming you’ve made  your commitment by 11:59 PM Thanksgiving Day, the third Thursday in November, 11/23 in 2017.
  • Comment back to any of the five posts in this series, and/or on my Facebook page, twitter or instagram with “I commit to…” 
  • Take a selfie of yourself with pledge and post it using the #ican! hashtag on all forms of social media you use.
  •  Think big: Go viral. Share this with others, involve your family, co-workers. Inspire and be-inspired to spread joy and glad tidings this holiday season.

3. Anyway you want to. See the ican! guidelines and full scope of materials for the To: Me, From: Me Holiday Pledge campaign.

ican! empowers others to believe they can succeed in enhancing their personal wellness.

Kailua Residents: Pick up free Holiday pledge business cards at Anytime Fitness-Kailua