Why your wellness journey is integral to your success. Part 2 of 2.

Reasons to consider the Wellness Compass Travel Guide for your life journey

This second of two posts (post #1.) to explain how The Wellness Compass Travel Guide: Tools for a Successful Lifelong Journey can help you sustain being “the best you can be.”

What is wellness? Wellness and well-being, which I use interchangeably, indicate a multifaceted life in harmony, in which you either are, or are on the path to being, your best self with optimal health, wellness, happiness and success.

Why’s it a journey? …because we’re talking about the quality of existence across your lifetime, in which you are the traveler. How we each concurrently balance our own spiritual, socio-emotional, physical health and life purpose really is our lifetime challenge—our personal wellness journey.

You don’t only want to be successful at age 30 right?

Since life changes so quickly that even the best plans require vigilant monitoring and flexible adaption. To sustain success on all fronts requires purposeful planning to maintain choices that consistently lead to peak experiences and repeatedly overcome unforeseen obstacles, just like when you travel. It’s a lifelong adventure!

Why do I need a compass? A compass provides direction to help navigate where to go, especially when you’re lost or need to get back on track.  It’s anchored with a “true north”, just like we are each anchored by our core values and our spirit within. The Wellness Compass  illustrates the generic goals anyone is expected to strive for to maintain balanced wellness over time.

Why do I need a travel guide?  Travel guides for a  single country are designed to help you, a traveler, to plan and then to complete a successful journey. Likewise wellness is complex and no one person is expected to know everything, thus this compact guide  (Chs. 2-19) provides reference information or starting points for planning your wellness journey.  Most importantly, a travel guide doesn’t tell you where to go, or exactly how to get there – those choices are left up to you – so that you are the master of your journey.

Why do I need tools?  Whether you use the softcover guide, or ebook with downloads it’s not just a book – it’s packed with 50 interactive tools referred to as activities. The assessments, checklists, and goal accomplishment forms consist of open-ended questions or templates to guide you through a thinking process to outline your goals, identify your obstacles, and strategies to overcome them. The step-by-step guidance of the Wellness Compass Journey (Ch. 20-24) facilitate success of a single resolution as well as concurrent goals across multiple domains of wellness.  These tools, put you in the driver’s seat of your own well-being. Mix and match, edit and incorporate any aspects of the book into your wellness tool box.

Not sure how to start? Download tools that interest you like. Complete activity 21.1.1 Wellness Compass Profile for an overall assessment.  Explore the website, skim blogs,  join an ican! campaign and check #wellnesscompasstravelguide blog posts for inspiration and updates.

Your wellness journey is yours alone.Why not give yourself a gift and be the best you can be?