On becoming more Principle Centered

Accomplishing WCTG Principled Centered Goal #1

My beliefs run through everything I do.

My beliefs, my values are my anchor and when people try to drag me down, as I know they will, it is to that sense of right and wrong, that sense of who I am and what I believe, to which I will always hold.

—Ed Miliband

I’ve suggested that living virtuously, with a principled centered life, is a key goal of a well-balanced life.  To me virtuous means moral or the ability to clarify right from wrong, as articulated in the quote above from Ed Miliband.  For without clarifying our principles (referred to as values, beliefs, character strengths or even virtues) and our behavior can easily become inconsistent, selfish, and short-sighted which typically then leads to hurtful or illegal actions, a limited set of friends, poor health, poverty, and a short unhappy life – the exact opposite of well-being.

I suggest that creating and internalizing a strong moral code (a mission statement), one that deep in your gut you know is true for you, simplifies everything. The process is a foundational step of becoming the best you can, because it build self-confidence and hopefully good intention.

Imagine a life when your thoughts, words, actions align with your gut, with your soul.  

Instead of worrying, determining what is right or wrong, you consistently apply your code to any situation. If you are not sure what to do, you can non-judgementally ask yourself, “If someone was consistently demonstrating value(s) of SSSSSSSS what would I recommend they do or say in this situation?”  Then, stick to your own recommendations! As you repeat the process of utilizing your code,  it becomes internalized. You become principle-centered when your principles clearly identify who you are, what you think is right, how you evaluate a situation, and how you contribute (your life purpose).

How can you become Principle centered?  (Read Chapter 3)

The Principle Centered: Part 1 Suggested Process video and accompanying Principle centered: Part 1. 2p.handout complement Chapter 3, in the Spiritual Health section of The Wellness Compass Travel Guide, and Activity 3. Promoting-Principle-Centered-Spirituality-1.pdf by outlining step by step the why, the now, and the expected benefits.

Principle Centered: Part 2. Values Video and accompanying full-page Part 2. Key Values B:W (B&W) illustrates key values.

Anyone is welcome to use and adapt these materials for education, health or wellness use.

Acknowledgement. A significant part of the inspiration for the Principled -Centered Goal, comes from my personal upbringing which highly resonated with Steven-Covey’s book Principle Centered Leadership.

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