Nuuanu Pali (7M Run-Oahu)

Destination Workout #1. Outdoor workouts with a scenic elment

What I love about having hump days off I that it allows me to rebalance my life – to take care of what’s important to me, instead of taking care of what’s important to my clients and employers. This rebalance always requires a vigorous outdoor workout, i.e. a destination workout, to restore my spiritual harmony, to overcome the stiffness of sitting so much and just improve my outlook so I can give 150% another two long days.

I’m defining destination workout as an outside endeavor that includes 1) scenic or historic value, 2) athletic challenge of some type, and requires, for the vast majority of us, 3) some degree of planning and fitness to complete.  It’s true, most water related sport, skiing, snorkeling, swimming,  mountain biking, most hike this destination, and then when we are in locations, or on vacation, it’s much easier to get our workout outside rather than inside, or at a Gym. Not that I’m knocking a gym. They play an important role in making safe, diverse, fitness opportunities available in doors. But I love to be outdoors!  So, this blog series is dedicated to all of my beloved outdoor workouts.

Please share your favorite “destination workout with the following: Key pics including a good description of how to get there, the scenic/historic element, who should or should not do this type of workout, and other considerations like parking, what to bring, timing, bath room, etc.  In my next post I’ll do better with a map etc.

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Destination:   Pali Lookout, on Pali Highway (#61), O’ahu, Hawaii

Workout Type: Run, hike or bike loops.

Course: ~ 7M RT from the bottom of old Pali Road/Nuuanu Pali Road Junction on Pali Highway by the Japanese School. On the bike you can do repeat hills on either side of the Pali lookout with a lot of privacy.

Fitness Expectation:  3.5M up and 3.5M down with ~400+ ft elevation change. Parts are very  steep/fast coming down and requires you to have good quads and shoes with support. Expect it to take 60-120 minutes, depending on your speed and time you spend at the lookout. It took me about 90 minutes with stops for photos, water, stretching.

Weather: Usually cool and partially shady. Nice mid-day workout for Hawaii. Minimal lights overhead lights, so not recommended at night.

Bring. Your own water, snacks and camera. Can be rainy and very windy at the lookout. Recommended shoes: Running shoes with support. No bathrooms.

Park: If coming from Honolulu, up Pali Highway (61) get off at Dowsett and keep going north. Park on the street in this area. You could park close the bottom of the “Leeward” Pali Look outside access   and have a 3M RT run to the lookout that is only on the Pali Lookout Access Road.

Positive:  Cool, challenging, and if you include the leeward part (South) side access to Nuuauu Pali Lookout the ginger, quiet and privacy are great! Also great way to practice running a long (3M) downhill fast.

Bummer: If you run up the hill on the East side of Pali Highway (HNL to Kailua) there’s at least a mile where you are running/biking on a very narrow strip, where it is very close to road.  You can minimize your exposure if you illegally cross the highway and enter the road to Pali Lookout from the Southbound entrance (Pali from Kailua to HNL). Be careful!

Pali Lookout Alternate Route/Activities. There’s lot of access to hikes, waterfall and other scenic/historic things in this area.


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