Aligning fitness goals with a realistic plan

Lean and Fit: Week 2

This week we finalize our 4, 8, 12, or 16 week fitness plans  Your plan must match your vision, goals and motivation and should build over 12 to 16 weeks to 150 minutes of aerobic exercise and 2 bouts of resistance/strength training each week, or more!  If you’re working with me you’ll also consume a minimum of 800 calories (3 meals, 60 grams of protein) and 48 ounces of water each day. I highly encourage wearing good shoes, at least 6 hours of sleep, and a day off a week Why? If you don’t include all these building blocks, you are likely progress slower, get ill or injured.

Why take the time to plan?

  1. So you don’t fail in reaching your goals or not aligning your goals with your activities
  2. So you’ll truly stick it out which is what it takes most times to succeed
  3. So you start practicing how to MAINTAIN your “lean & fit” lifestyle.

Be realistic – no matter who you are and what you do – you are “DOING YOU” not someone else who might be more fit, or who can do XYZ better than you, or your inner critic who actually knows all the times that you did gave up, gave in or just couldn’t get motivated.

Plan to Progress. What I’m really asking you to do, is to develop a plan that you can stick with for 12 weeks that includes  cardio/aerobic exercise, stretching and 2 bouts of resistance, and have at least one focused progression. When I say progression, I mean that you purposely up your game. You either go longer, harder, learn a new skill or test yourself. It could look like moving from walking 30 minutes a day to 40 minutes, or walking 60 minutes on a weekend day, or moving from 3 to 5 pounds weights, or joining a class you’ve always been interested in. You can progress more, especially if you’ve done it before, working with a trainer/coach, or following a plan designed to help you progress.

This week’s prompts are designed to concurrently keep your diet in check while drafting a “Lean and Fit plan” that you will  start next week

Week 2: Getting your ducks in a row: Finalizing your fitness lan

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You can find my own fitness goals/motivation in my last post and the first draft of Fall 2017 16wk fitness plan

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