Why clarify your motivation??

Lean and Fit Series: Week 1. Set goals that align with your motivation.

Obstacles! Without a clear vision of why you are doing something, a tangible, meaningful reason why you do something, it’s very easy to give in to life’s obstacles, especially when your tired, limited funds, got other important things to do, or are flat out afraid. Below I’ve created a table that link common motivations to exercise with common obstacles and way to over come them based on what my clients tell me.

Overall motivation Personal Reasons Personal motivators Exx: Obstacle & how to overcome
Look good!

Feel confident wearing “XXXX”

So I don’t feel embarrassed. Picture of me looking really good from the past


Don’t want to do strength training (Just wanna get my 10K steps in)

  • Focus on how much better I look after a 30 minute toning workout
  • Get a trainer or friend to push you through it.
  • Do it while watching TV or listening to music
  So XXXXX thinks I’m hot Picture of XXXX
Lowering stress


Because I want to be around for loved ones Video of loved ones No time. Too busy.

  • Commit to either 30 minutes 5x a week or 50 minutes 3x/week because you and loved one’s are worth it!
  • Stretch and ease unto it. Work hard for 50% of your workout. Enjoy cool down.
  • Get outside or do something with a friend or while your dependents are doing busy, i.e. walk at park.
Preventing disease   

Doc says I need to increase HDL and lower my cortisol


Pain in my head, stomach or chest

Get more physically fit Get aerobically fit  so I can hike with kids Picture of goal hike or set the date when you will do it and tell your kids! Give up when it gets harder.

Establish fun, but important “progressive workouts” like a longer hike each weekend.

Like the challenge of doing new things


Sign up to do a new target event Finisher t-shirt, Certificate,

Bragging Rights,  New PR’s, etc.

Don’t know how? Fear of failure.

Work out with others who are also doing the event. (Group training

Lean and Fit: Week 1. One of the key things to focus on this this week is aligning your motivation with fitness goals and then with tangible, ideally progressive and realistic measures of success. See my example at the end of this post. If you can already think about obstacles and how you will overcome them they start drafting them now. We’ll work more on overcoming obstacles to fitness in the next few weeks, so don’t worry about it – you’ll get there. For now really get focused on your vision and a reminder system (like post it notes, writing in your calendar or adding it to your phone) of your key “advantage” or motivators for becoming/maintaining fitness.

Things to do for Week #1.

  • “Weigh-In #2:Commit to stretching at least 5 minutes daily until 11/1/17
  • Day 1. Set up personal reminder system for your “Advantages of reaching your fitness goals:
  • Day 2. Finalize your diet plan, e.g. 1000 kcal, 75g protein, + vitamin/mineral supplement
  • Day 3. Commit to walking a cumulative of at least 15 minutes/d until 11/1/17
  • Day 4. Give yourself credit for the fitness you did in the last 10 days: Share with buddy or friend.
  • Day 5. Be mindful Track your protein, calories & water. What do you need to change?
  • Day 6. Finalize & email your fitness goals for 1) body comp., 2) cardio, 3) strength and/or 4) Flexibility

Personal Example.  My revised fitness goals for the rest of the 2017:

  1. August 12 – September 3: focus on improving foot/knee stabilization and improving my weaker left hamstring via 8x 30min (4x 2sessions a week) with my “Anytime Fitness” Trainer  on M/F and maintaining my Super Spartan abilities (including running 10M every other week) on S/W/R/S/S.
  2. September 4 to October 21 prepare and enjoy the 13.1M GunStock Trail Run on October 21
  3. To do my best at the Xterra 5K World Trail Running Championship at Kuualoa Ranch on December 3, 2017, including racing the 4M Kaiwi Coast Run on November 19
  4. NOT getting injured or ill

Motivation: Check out the video of my “Top 10 Reasons Why I LOVE to stay really fit.”

What’s my plan?  Check out my next post.

Special Note.  I learned long ago that if i “publicly announce” my intent to do a challenging event (i.e. the 5K World Trail Running Championship) even if it’s just to my family and on facebook, my pride and integrity alone, will force me to at least

Note 2. Why am I paying for a trainer when I am a great fitness coach?? I need someone who knows what they are doing who can observe the weaknesses in my technique (I can’t see myself well). I also won’t do it on my own and I’m weak on stabilization!

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