“Lean and Fit” Overview

Week 0. Tip: Focus on body composition measures, not just pounds.

Whatever the reason or  season, it’s always a good time to reassess your goals of becoming or staying “Lean and Fit.”  To achieve a lean and healthy body, and the optimum health that typically goes with it, requires clarity of purpose, diverse skills in food, fitness, time management and overcome obstacles that sabotage our intent. Previously, I developed series of posts on the Beck Diet Solution Workbook  focusing on maintaining the lifestyle,  mindset and resistance tactics necessary to “Think Thin.” This time, I’m uping my game, by incorporating my own “Lean and Fit” concepts into Judith Beck’s brilliant “Thinking Thin” process (Beck Diet Solution Books). I’ve enhanced her 6 week program by this week (Week Zero), purposely repeated her key fourth week, and then added a final  week prompts to help you best transition to your “next steps” as articulated in the Wellness Compass Journey (See p. 356)

How it works.

Each week I’ll post actions referred to as prompts, that you are expected to complete well, if not “Master,” as a component of learning how to achieve and maintain the “Thinking lean and fit” lifestyle. I encourage you to invest in buying the workbook, a quality scale, and the key props you’ll need  (i.e. good shoes, measuring cups, etc), but the truth is, as long as you have access to reasonably healthy food and can safely move/exercise you don’t need anything else but regular internet service, a phone/computer, basic notebook, and time. Also, you are required to only weigh-in once a week so you avoid the drama of normal fluctuations and don’t drive yourself crazy. Remember, all life is a journey!

You’ll likely get best results if you take it seriously, invite friends, workout buddies, relatives and/or your significant other to help you stay accountable. You can always just comment back to me on your progress, as if I’m your buddy: Use of my Facebook site /wellnesscompasstravelguide is also an option.

You are also welcome to just explore, pick and choose what interests you and sometime when the time is right, when you can commit to doing it well, really give it your 100% for the entire 6-9 weeks.

Things to do:  Week 0. Focus on Fitness

Tip of the week. To verify you are truly leaner you must approximate your body composition, not just rely on a scale. Use either an OMRON or Tanita  Bioelectrical Impedance scale at a regular time a day once a week.   Most certified personal fitness trainers or Registered Dietitian Nutritionist can also help you.

Reference: Wellness Compass Travel Guide, pp. 175-180.

Activity12.2 My Body Composition Goals


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