Prevent multi-tasking burnout with seven mindful choices

We were created to focus on one thing well at a time, yet nowadays our world requires constant multi-tasking beyond our capabilities. Faster, harder, more, better, go, go, go. Bosses expect we can simultaneously meet every complex, ever-changing expectation PERFECTLY every time taking same time and costs, despite technical problems, distractions or illness.

When we finally get released from job1 we rush, in traffic, to job 2. For some, job2 is another work shift. Others move to the part 3 of our day: errands, laundry, tidying, food prep, mail, dishes, homework, emotional crisis, kid-oversight, discipline, lock-up, shower, clean teeth, bed. Then, we do it over the next day.

Health authorities stress that we must limit multi-tasking and be more mindful.

How the heck are we supposed to do that if we’re overworked, underpaid, exhausted, overfed, malnourished, sleep-deprived and poorer than our parents?

Or are we? We have the same 24/7/365, but now we have a lot more choices. Fortunately, just like our ancestors, our Creator gave us the power to choose our destiny, values and priorities: we will figure it out. We can balance multi-tasking by choosing to consistently employ the following mindful practices.

  • #1. Be still, to find peace & quiet, to CHILL! Calm your mind enough to be open to the Spirit within.
  • #2. Shut up and listen. Multi-tasking compromises our ability to listen to our inner voice, to hear other’s voices, to accept advice, and to consider what’s best.
  • #3. Take care of yourself: Know one else can do it for you. Multi-tasking is innately stressful. Without sufficient self-care or we will be in pain, disabled, depressed and/or ill, or some combination.

While we all need air, sleep, movement, nutrient, a purpose & compassion. How we get them and how much we need is very individualized, e.g. I need 3 really hard 90+ minute workouts/week, lots of stretching, quality food every few hours, 9 hours of sleep a night, regular reflection and prayer times, etc. I don’t need any TV or a lot of entertainment. I must prioritize my needs to make them happen and give up excess.

What do you need?

  • #4. Make time to balance life: laugh, renew, appreciate, learn, grow, create, love, trust, and inspire. Why NOT choose to live abundantly when you can?
  • #5. Simplify: Prioritize. Why? No one, not even you, have it all or do it all well concurrently forever. Give up keep up with Jones’ and a lot of strife flies out the door.
  • #6. Do you and do it well. Listen to your inner voice. Go at your own rhythm and pace. Work your strengths. Trust your instincts. Stick up for yourself. Demand respect & fairness. Believe and you will succeed.
  • #7. Constantly give, forgive yourself and others. Concurrently soothe your soul and make the world a better place. Every time you do it helps level the stress-filled see-saw we call life.


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