Vulnerability requires a leap of faith

You make a difference series

Today I learned that to change requires you to be vulnerable, to open yourself up to the unknown, to take the risk of mockery, possibly not being correct, or popular.  It requires courage to be openminded, to take risks, to boldly go, to keep adapting and pushing out the boundaries of the possible.  Personally, I can’t imagine how i’d feel if I didn’t try. I don’t like looking back and wondering if I could…if I was just brave enough…. if I hadn’t given in to doubts, fatigue and others’ critiques.  No I can’t do everything: Yes, you must be cautious, but listen to your inner voice and your heart!  YOU’ll be amazed with what you are capable of. YOU only live once.



David Rivers, Pastor, Central Union Church, Honolulu, HI, July 9, 2017.




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