Top 10 reasons why I love to be really fit (#1/11)

Overcoming obstacles to exercise & my "comeback" from spinal tumor removal

On June 30, 2016 i had what was most likely a Schwannoma Tumor removed from my inside my spinal chord by Christopher Lenart, MD and co., at Kaiser Moanalua.  Retrospectively, i had it for least a year before i realized the incredible shooting nerve pain wasn’t just a torn hamstring  It also took 4 doctors visits with constant assertion that “I know my body and something is not right” to convince the experts I warranted an MRI for diagnosis.

The picture above is of my spinal surgery scar about a week after surgery.

The medical team did great. I did great. My little sis was big help, and by the time my family came home from a trip to Alaska I was through the worst of the risk and pain. But, it was major surgery that despite my gentle, but continuous effort to walk, regain my strength and stretch, I couldn’t run a mile without stopping several times in pain.  At New Years 2017 I was in the worst physical shape of my adult life – it took me more than 12 minutes to run a mile as fast as I could.

I’m 53, could easily take up walking or yoga, but then i would lose (probably forever) a significant part of my inner self – my inner athlete, the one who is always keeping up with my husband, kids and leading the back whenever i can. I knew HOW to do it, the question really was did i want to work through the pain, devote my time to it, suffer the possibility of failing?

What i needed, and what i advise clients to do is to get very clear on the benefits of fitness for you, not what others tell you, but memorize and then manifest how changing/maintaining a higher level of physical activity benefits you.  This process, of truly listing, prioritizing and then detailing WHY you do or don’t do an activity is a key to staying motivated when your too busy, overwhelmed, injured or just anti.

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Top 10 Reasons I LOVE being really FIT

#10.Exercise is Medicine: I’d rather workout than be sick or in pain – Wouldn’t you?

#9. Fun with family and friends: I hate not being able to keep up

#8. Less pain due to daily stretch and balance work. 

#7. Revved up muscles means a faster metabolism that allows me to eat more carbs and drink beer without gaining weight!

#6. Detoxification. More exercise, water and sweat means more regularity, cleansing and healthier, happier body

#5. Happiness with my body composition makes me feel younger and more confident.

#4   Better sleep ==> better brain functioning + less sick ==> Better quality of life

#3. Daily stress relief means I’m cranky and others are a lot happier.

#2. Working out hard and fast is empowering and energizes me.

#1. Challenge and adventure of what I can do means, at age 53, I live the way I want to!

Over the next 10 weeks I’ll be detailing each of the 10 key reasons i worked so hard, through so much pain and embarrassing slowness after my back surgery to retain my previous levels of energy and fitness, so you’ll know you can too!




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