NY Resolutions – 2017: #4

Maintaining my upward momentum

I added this unanticipated review because I felt I had made significant progress since my last review in March, and had a series significant delays in the WCTG book which made me realize if I didn’t refine targets now, I would “float aimlessly” for 6 weeks until my review…and either lose my positive momentum/or not continue to progress as rapidly as I have in the last two months. The featured image celebrates our “Maintaining balance” family vacation in mid-May 2017. Note that I really am just editing/refining my original 2017 NY Resolutions every time I do this and that I post my revised goals near my desk and in my calendar to maintain my focus.

My Vision: I seek to be a steadfast source of light.

2017 Vision I will be steadfast source of light and love: like a lighthouse in a night of stormy seas.

My foundation: I am blessed and forgiven. I live with hope each day because I am loved, trust I will be taken care or and believe that my life matters. To achieve vision I must continue to simplify, grow my spiritual foundation, maintain balance, and self-control.

  • I love my simple but abundant life.
  • I live to make a difference the very best I can without burning myself out or becoming excessively irritated when I perceive unethical behavior or mistreatment.
  • If I can’t change it (after 2 tries), I accept it and let it go.
  • I can maintain a very high level overall well-being IF I 1) Listen/care to my body, 2) Rest and stretch sufficiently, 3) Challenge myself without excessive risk, 4) Eat, drink and take meds as needed; 5) Maintain health and balance, 6) Keep my spiritual-wellbeing strong.

Goal #1: Be a steadfast source of light.

Be kind and purposeful with positivity and ingenuity; maintain my healthy daily and weekly routine.

  • Less stuff = More simple = Easier = Higher quality of life = happier+ Letting Go: 95% improvement!

    A for Positivity: It’s easier with more sun/longer days; significant breakthroughs with the “serenity and simplicity;” really in the grove again with fitness/work. To do: Maintain!

  • A- for Fitness vs. Pain. Made great progress by intuitive listening, always stretching after running, pulling back earlier when I feel pain, never sleeping on my side, always sleeping on a good bed, & semi-monthly visits to chiropractor. To do: Maintain!
  • B- for Meditation/Renewal. I must rest every day and focus on my goals, and take at least 4 hours of reflection time on Sundays (including 2 hours for church).To do: Schedule/Stick to 2 hours meditations weekly.

Goal #2. Celebrate WCTG success.

Successful worldwide WCTG book release, website & blog through 2017.

  • B+ for WCTG book editing:  Finally got to indexing by ongoing diligence and kindness. To do: 1) Clean up book, 2) Draft power points, 3) Commence initial book release plans by July 15, 2017.
  • B- for Blog Post  overall organization, A for Joy of Less Series & learning new skills. To do: Must organize, strict to it and KISS. Expect site/posts to be redefined by marketing team.

Goal #3 Enhance asset management that assures security for the next 25 years without us or demanding full-time work past age 65; Simplify, spend less and save more.

  • A- for basic finance security successes: I worked 36+ hrs/week & paid all bills on time. To do: Maintain.
  • B+ for overcoming mindset challenges: A for breakthrough with simplicity: C – I will change my mindset that finances/details are my most dreaded chores. To do: Maintain simplicity focus by keeping “Joy of Less” book present POST promises, and $/details mindset.
  • B: for spending Less/saving more: I did better overall but then vacation spending for food, & accommodations was much higher than expected (2 rooms!): To do: Need to put away all residual money in bank account on 6/30, and then establish a new budget without any book income (All book income will go to savings).

I will not lose sight of my expected celebrations.

  1. I finally found serenity (March 2017)
  2. I  embraced simplicity (April 2017)
  3. We had a great family vacation (May 2017: See cover photo): Also both daughters are progressing really well in their careers/lives.
  4. I celebrate 28 years of Marriage to Scott AK Derrickson today and the beginning of our Cross-Fit training!
  5. I changed to fitness goal to building and MAINTAINING well-rounded fitness including;
  • Strength: I can now do 10 pull-ups/ & toes to bar (May 2017); Will do: a kip by June 31, 2017; rope climb by July 2017, Spartan Super in August.
  • Aerobic Fitness: I will maintain my ability to ru hard trails for 90 minutes/ Mountain bike 90 min (May 2017), and will set new goals in August 2017.
  • Stretch/balance: I have been in minimal hamstring/foot pain since mid-April 2017.

6. I’ve delayed my fully Contributing goal to: WCTG book launch Spring to Summer 2017.

7. I’ve delayed contributing/Financial goal: $15K in savings/retirement by December 28, 2017.

I will continue to reassess progress by July 15, Oct. 14, Dec. 28, 2017.

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