I will no longer waste money on what I don’t need.

#5/11 in my "Joy of Less" series and embracing my golden years

Gals: What would happen if you wore no makeup?

Guys: What would happen if your gal didn’t wear makeup?

OMG! Isn’t the logical conclusion that guys wouldn’t expect gals to look beautiful all the time? We women would be valued for more than a pretty face.  Imagine how freeing it would be – The savings alone boggles my mind!

Philosophical Concept: Less stuff = More freedom (Ch. 5). 

Clutter creates confusion; Unfettered frees the soul and the mind.

Compare a cramped musty bathroom with a bright one. Even when I create the illusion of tidiness by shoving stuff into drawers, excess stuff still stifles me.  It takes up space that could otherwise be air or light. In my head, memories of where I store junk overwhelms my mental CPU.  My soul becomes lethargic and discontent. Excess stuff perhaps weighs you down most when traveling. Hauling heavy suitcases is hell; Backpacks and small bags on wheels make traveling simple and free.

The less baggage we’re dragging around, the more living we can do. (p.33)

STREAMLINE: A place for everything and Everything in it’s place (Chapter 14)

Where you keep your stuff depends on where and how often you use it.

  • Your inner circle is for items you use daily or at least once a week. A few of these are neatly laid out and visible. Most are in lower areas or the front of drawers or cabinets.
  • Your outer circle is for items used every few weeks to a few times a year. Store these in areas more difficult to reach, back of drawers or cabinets, including any extra items.
  • Deep storage is for for stuff you choose to use seasonally (i.e. cold weather gear), once a year (i.e. camping gear), or hold on to for other purposes (i.e. required financial records).

Label and inform household members where things should be stored. Commit to requiring everyone to put away everything before bed every night, in sickness and in health, in good times and bad, on stressful weekdays or relaxing weekends.

My Bathroom Story. (Ch.26)

Confession: I hate our bathroom. I hate the broken cabinet, sliding door and window. I hate the cheap mirror and the leaky walls.  But, i don’t care enough to replace any of these things. I’m too cheap and have better things to do with our limited funds. Despite my apathy, I’m in this little room at least twice a day. I must make it work for me and not let my frustration affect my daily routine, my weekly cleaning regime, my perception of my appearance or my well-being.

To do so,  I am officially, as of this post, letting go (admitting I can’t change) my lousy hair, nails and skin. Nothing I want or can afford is permanently going to change the outward facial evidence of what I am.

I choose to accept all of me, no matter how I look in the mirror.

With this freeing new philosophy I applied Jay’s advice to overhaul our bathroom. Of course prior to my new revelation, I had one last futile attempt to grow my hair out, to do my nails with polish, and to try the latest de-wrinkle creams.  Just like always – they were all worthless. My wrinkles, short hair and weak nails are inevitable; I will now embrace my golden years!

Since I’m officially golden I only need my Oil of Olay SPF30, Melaleuca Renew Skin lotion, soap, a razor, a tooth-brush and a comb. I’ve kept 4 eyeliners, 1 mascara, 2 blushes,  2 tints (even us AARP folks feel better with a tan!), my hair gel, and my favorite Clarins Lisse Minute. I will be finishing up the assorted scents and only replace them with my favorite Aura Cacia lavender spray from this point forth.  My husband and I together, after we use up all the stuff we’ve got now, will only need one toothpaste, one mouthwash (for him – not me!),  one bottle of liquid soap, one face scrub, one deodorant (Old Spice is our family favorite), and assorted medical stuff.  Since I’m so lazy and won’t wash my face before bed on weekdays, I now “need” face wipes.

Since, I really do hate our bathroom,  I did replace all the moldy curtains and purchased a limited supply of quick try towels. As usual, during this 3-hour process I consolidated or threw away at least 15 bottles/old containers, and updated my toiletry travel kit during the process – Here I come Yosemite.

I used the overhaul of my bathroom to pare down the time, money and expectations I place on personal grooming, and encourage you to do so too.

  • Hair: I had previously given up on coloring my graying hair, and will be styling at Supercuts to maintain my do, and my eyebrows. I kept one blow dryer, one curling iron and a few hair accessories so if I want to I can be extra beautiful – but most days it’s just wash and wear.
  • Nails: I will no longer use nail polish, just my oil and nail basics including a nail buffing bar, and a few boxes of short, clear press-on nails. I do plan to get a mani-/pedicure at least once a year with my mom or daughters, so I get a second opinion on my cuticles.

I will no longer waste money on what I don’t need.

I will no longer:

  • Lounge in Lancome;
  • Wait for sales, or waste time cutting cosmetic coupons I don’t use; or
  • Buy more than 1 extra of anything, because I don’t want it cluttering up my space, my mind or my soul.

“The Joy of Less” series is a key component of my personal quest for simplification and my annual New Year’s Resolution Plan for 2017.

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