Wising up and letting go

Part 2/2: Q1: March 2017 New Years Resolution Series

How did I do on my New years resolutions: January – March 2017?

I did pretty well on about 80-85% of what I intended in my New Year Resolutions  (Grade: B) and am really thrilled that I found an unexpected jewel,  The Joy of Less” by Francine Jay.   To me it’s a delightful side trip the process of living light and lean, refining what I believe are my essentials, helping me further detach from materialism and save!

BUT… staying calm and positive all week are STILL my biggest challenge after 30 years  of meds, adjustments, relaxing massages, cleanses, yoga, naps, counseling, long walks, spiritual retreat: you name it –  if i could afford it – I’ve tried it. It’s the root cause of my problems, my “Tantalus” obstacle! (Grade: C-: Up from a D).

Why can’t I over come this??  Why do I struggle to stay cheerful and calm. Why can’t I be like everyone else? Hmmm: I’ve still got cumulative stress, still have too high expectations of others and myself, and am still trying to change too much too fast when I can’t control the process, the resources or the outcome.  In truth my fundamental character flaw (impatience) is rooted in a chemical imbalances and aggravated by a lifetime of memories of failing in this area.  I truly am a Taurus, born in the year of the Dragon, a task-oriented fast processor with “mid-life” issues!!!  My passion exceeds my patience: I inadvertently hurt others by not considering they’re feelings! I don’t like myself when I do this.

The silver lining:I’m getting really good at apologizing. I NEED TO CHANGE!

My goal: I will on longer boil over and instead happily gently simmer.

My Serenity Motto: If I can’t change (effectively improve an issue that I perceive as important), I must accept it and let it go. 

Giving up when I can’t change things doesn’t mean I’m a failure but finally getting wiser. I must narrow my expectations and my scope to do what I can consistently do well or I won’t obtain my vision as of being a steadfast light of hope and comfort.

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