… dust yourself off and try again!

Part 1/2: Q1: March 2017 New Years Resolution Series

Just checking in – how’s it going with  your New Year’s Resolutions!?

Say what?!#!??

Don’t feel bad if they’re dusty or long gone: Remember, life is a journey!

My advice: If first you don’t succeed, you can dust it off, dust yourself off and try again!-Aaliyah.

Don’t give in, give up or stop believing.  Shift gears! Recommit: Start something small that important. Not sure how to how to get started?  Skim my New Year Blogs Series, The Wellness Compass Profile or find a chapter in this website that seems most intriguing.

If by chance you are doing well:  Congratulations – please share!!

How’d I do? In  part 2/2 of this post I share my story, so you know I’m human, I’m dusty, and I’m not givin’ in either!

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