Starting over at my home office

2/11 in my personal journey through the "Joy of Less"

When your space is clear your mind is clear-you can work without distraction.    — The Joy of Less, p. 160.

Why start at my home office? It’s where i write and coach others. I need a inspirational, functional workspace to enable my best self.

Philosophical Concept: “See your stuff for what it is” (Ch.1). Jay writes that our stuff can be divided into three main categories and two sub-categories:

  • Useful stuff that must be USED to add value, not a potentially useful item (no duplicates)
  • Beautiful stuff that adds aesthetic value to gaze upon and should be prominently placed to enjoy
  • Emotional stuff, i.e. gifts, heirlooms, souvenirs…did you even want them in the first place?
  • Two other categories:
    • Other accumulated stuff, e.g., cleaners, leftover, stuff to display or contain stuff
    • Other people’s stuff…be fair!

Do: Assess your stuff, engaging in questions about how it entered your life, how often you use/see it, how it would feel if you didn’t have it.

STREAMLINE: Starting Over (Ch.11).

 Decluttering is infinitely easier when you think of it as deciding what to keep,

rather than deciding what to throw away  — The Joy of Less, p. 67

 The key to starting over is to take EVERYTHING out of the designated section….

Tip to self #1.  STOP & clean the entire space well. Have a cleaner, paper towels and a trash can handy.

…then bring things back one-by-one selecting only what you truly love and need so you can “live lightly with function and beauty.

My Home Office Story. The task was daunting so I started on my desk, then got motivated to clear my workspace…but rest took a week. When i asked for feedback our oldest daughter said, “curtains” that WERE torn and loaded with filth that’s embarrassing to admit.   Jay’s office plan worked well, but since i sought light & inspiration i also removed the curtains and am trying natural lighting. My experience:

  • Declutter. Start with the junk that’s broken, not usable anymore or you just don’t want.
  • Narrow down to the bare essentials.  Keep going. Get rid of the excess quick, so you don’t have second thoughts.
  • Contain. “A place for everything in its space is the single best way to keep a tidy desk:”  Modulization & setting limits were required. Our annual tax time file clean up (the month before) was very beneficial.
  • Maintain. This my problem!!

To maintain my joyful office space i must:

Tip to self #2. Embrace tidiness: Don’t rush: put everything in its place before i move on.

Tip to self #3.  Stick to essentials: Only buy what we need or i really want.

My BEFORE: AFTER Workspace Transformation

This post is 2nd in  “The Joy of Less” blog series using book by Francine Jay. It’s part of my annual lenten quest of spiritual growth where i simplify, sacrifice and strive to embrace what our Lord wants me to be. It’s also part of my annual New Years Resolution Plan for 2017.

Where will your journey start?




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