The Joy of Less by Francine Jay: #1/11

Overview, plan and how I choose LESS in 2017

I admit it: I was burdened by outdated software, clothes I wore in college, projects set aside to collect dust over 20 years that I haven’t let go….

I truly doubted if it was possible for more me to truly live abundantly with less,  to not feel deprived but rather unhindered by “excessive stuff and keeping up with the Jones’. Could an ongoing commitment to living simply be a missing piece in my quest to a lifetime of maintaining  balance, staying organized, and truly aligning my life to my principles? I thought it could an in mid-March 2017 made the following pan.

My Commitment. For remainder of Lent 2017, as a key part of my 2017  New Year’s Resolution to be more positive and save money, I’m living in the question, exploring, “The Joy of Less” using the book with this title by Francine Jay. Jay, titled Ms. Minimalist, provides us her STREAMLINE method as a guide to declutter, organize and simplify.

Over this series of “Joy of less” I will review three components of her book in each post:
1) a Philosophical component
2) a STREAMLINE method component

3) a room or lifestyle “Applied” component – in which I share with you my experience as I actually make changes as suggested and share my process and rules to self that I will write along the way.

My “Simplicity” rules (refined)

  1. Embrace tidiness: STOP & clean the entire space well. Have a cleaner, paper towels and a trash can handy.
    Don’t rush: put everything in its place before i move on.
  2. Stick to essentials: Only buy what we need or i really want.
  3. STOP & clean the entire space well. Have a cleaner, paper towels and a trash can handy.
  4.  Anything that is not a treasure, consumable or necessity goes into one of two places in the garage: 1) temporary before it is either transferred, or if not taken care of within 3 months trashed or 2) permanent storage (in the garage rafters).
  5. Tidy daily. Maintain a tidy living area and a neat multi-purpose room. Don’t let the “living room” get cluttered with stuff that belongs elsewhere.
  6.  Retain  only what we use, like and want to see.  Showcase what we want to see and keep it looking good: Hide the rest neatly with practical storage modules that have everything you need and frequently use.
  7. Transfer others’ treasures and store without arguing: Expect resistance with family members. Be respectful, collaborative, kind and persistent.
  8.  If one comes in, one MUST come out (Chapter 12)
  9. To decrease anxiety in my home i need: 1) modules and containers to stay organized, 2) limits to assure what comes in = what goes out, and 3) commitment to constantly keeping surfaces clear.
  10.  Always cull before containing.
  11.  Less Stuff = More Simple = Easier = Higher quality of life = Happier.
  12. Apply a sacred home mentality: Limit gifts and purchases to only the needed or highly desired.
  13. No matter what “hands off their stuff: do not purge your partners possessions without their permission!
  14.  Patience is key (as always): You must value long-term success which requires others and keep your cool!

My Bottomline: *****

Jay’s Streamline method, her Joy of Less book, helped me realize some of my key 2017 NY Resolutions and got me over the hurdle of always wanting more.  I am happier because in the process of simplification I embraced the “Joy” of less. You can too! We are spending less. Our home and my wardrobe look great! My office, the garage and other people stuff…



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