Get grounded: Why I like getting dirty!

#3/12 of Wisdom from Weeds Series

I don’t like to wear gloves when I work. To me getting dirty is good for the soul. It grounds me and forces me to really get to the heart of the concern. It takes me from my lofty position as a health coach and humbles me as lowly physical laborer. Sometimes I’m hot and sweating practicing the fitness that I preach. Sometimes I’ve got paint in my hair…saving money doing my own painting. Sometimes I’m the Janitor because  (you know why)! At least twice a month I’ve got dirt under my finger nails, scratches on my arms, weeds in my garbage, happy plants and happy soul because of weedy our yard.  Thank GOD for getting grounded: it helps me stay humble, more effective, more balanced and purposeful?

How do you get dirty? How does it help you?


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