The value of celebrations and reflection

Week 8. Beck Diet Solution: Transitioning forward

Special days: New Year’s, anniversaries, national holidays, and graduations provide us time to reflect and celebrate. This week, to conclude our two month series on implementing the Beck Diet Solution, I promote acknowledging accomplishments and reflection as two key components of optimally transitioning from one cycle of life to the next.

Celebrate! Celebrate means to commemorate, to honor, or to observe as in a religious ceremony.  It’s typically the light and festive component of a holiday. As Tom Volkar illustrates in his “Authentic Cycle of Probability” celebrating is a natural part of the evolution of self-discovery of every successful endeavor. The celebration event is the link between gratitude and completion. It’s the experience that allows us to complete one opportunity and to powerfully proceed to the next. Celebrating acknowledges that despite our imperfections and blunders, that we survived, thrived and are ready for the next challenge. Commemoration builds self-confidence — it nourishes our souls. When we honor accomplishment with gratitude it results in “positive magnification” that expands the good feeling and forward momentum to jumpstart success towards our next opportunity.

Reflection. Reflection is the more serious component of acknowledgement. It’s deep thinking, often in conversation with others or our spiritual guide, to truly consider what worked, what didn’t work or hasn’t worked out yet and why (i.e. lessons learned); and, what you could or should do/not do from this point forward, and then planning out next steps.  So, whether your celebratory event is personal achievement, completion of a work project, religious or a national holiday, feel good about truly celebrating.

  • Do it right: Acknowledge with gratitude the process, the players, the outcomes, the lessons learned and what’s next.
  • Do it often: Celebrate accomplishments small to significant, spiritual and seasonal.
  • Do it well: Plan, organize, invest in celebrations.

This week we take time to do what I more formally refer to as a reassessment. In the Wellness Compass Journey, we are encouraged, not to just reflect annually, but to also make time for quarterly or seasonal reflections, and bi-weekly check-ups on our progress. More: Activity 21. Wellness Compass Journey Directions

Week 8. Transitioning to Next Cycle/Maintenance. 

  • Sunday.  Weigh-In #9.________.  Assess your progress and possible weight goals for the next 1-2 months using the BDS Reflection Sheet and bring it to the Wednesday, March 4, 2017 BDS-HCMBS Support group if you can attend.
  • Monday. Consider, what if any, diet or eating guidelines you’ll follow in the next month.
  • Tuesday Reevaluate progress in your fitness, what went well and what didn’t. Will you make a new plan?
  • Wednesday.  Final Weigh In. #10:   _____________. Attend the HCMBS Support group from 6:30-7:30 at the CMC Wellness Center if you can:  Celebrate! Assess the 5 most useful things learned with the BDS and 3-5 things you still need to practice.
  • Thursday.  Consider completing a robust wellness assessment before you commit to a new weight management plan.
  • Friday.  Will you redo the BDS:  Or just part of it? If so when, and if not, how will you maintain your progress?
  • Saturday Draft and refine your health and wellness action plans for the next 2 months. Congratulations on your persistence!

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