Value of parters and pros

#2/12 of Wisdom from Weeds Series

I like to think that I am independent. Able to do what I want, when I want.

When I was young and had fewer responsibilities I was truly more self-sufficient. I fixed my own tires and toilets. I made the bacon and fried it up in the pan. Now, my life is so complicated that I know I don’t want to do it alone.

Now, I know better. I have my strengths and value those who have strengths different than mine.

I am blessed to have a heavenly father, redeemer and spiritual guide in addition to be best friend, my husband, my mate. I can no longer fathom going throughout life without any of them – I would be lost, anxious, and afraid instead of confident.  Neither can I make it with out all the doctors who have diagnosed, adjusted, cut or healed me.  Whether it comes to yard work, financial matters, or helping our family in times of crisis I’m grateful to have my husband and experts to rely on.

Although I am usually strong and smart, I admit I am not perfect, and do a lot better with partners and pros. They enhance what I see, they share the burden, then lift me up, they gently bring be back down.

I am grateful I don’t have to be independent: I thrive with respectful, trusted dependence on my parters and my pros.

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