Back to the big picture: Maintaining a Wellness Lifestyle

Week 7. Fine-Tune Your Skills (Days 35-41; February 19-25)

In an effort to learn how to “think thin” we’ve focused for weeks on various aspects of eating well, overcoming sabotaging thoughts, and overcoming tempting situations. We’ve strengthened our resistance muscle as it pertains to maintaining wholesome food choices, weight loss and on-going physical activity. If you’ve followed the prompts, you’ve also reassessed your weight weekly, and developed a routine of accountability. Congratulations! These are all important steps of maintaining a healthy weight.

This week we literally turn the corner and move from our relatively narrow focus on weight and diet to the larger picture of what it takes to maintain a healthy weight over time. We focus on the power of believing in yourself, managing stress, having a back-up plan, overcoming resistance to exercise and refining your body image.   In my mind we are in stage 3, first we prepared (weeks 1-3), then we took action (weeks 4-6), and now we are in action planning for maintenance.

Each of us has individual needs in this area. While the prompts below are all aspects of what typically helps people move into “maintenance” you may find you need all of them, just a few, or something completely different.  This week your charge is to determine what could hold you back from either being more successful or maintaining your current habits (with variety and  challenges) indefinitely as “lifetime habits,” and develop a plan for how to overcome any barriers.  For me, I must maintain my positivity, sleep, high protein breakfasts and exercise. I must rely on my partners, my faith, and mentors to guide and uplift me. I must not lose hope.

Please share what lifts you up, empowers you and facilitates your faith in yourself and/or maintaining your wellness lifestyle.

Week 7. Fine-Tune Your Skills (Days 35-41; February 19-25)                                                                                          

  • Sunday.  Weigh-In #8: ______. Assess progress and consider what represents realistic weight loss and/or to maintain fat loss over time.
  • Monday.  Believe in yourself! List 5+ things you can do now, that you could NOT do before the BDS or bariatric surgery.
  • Tuesday. What’s the most important thing to do to relieve your stress? Will you do it? If so, by when, etc.,  if not, why not, what’s holding you back?
  • Wednesday. Identify the 3 most important things you personally will do to bust through a weight loss plateau.
  • Thursday. Identify 3 ways you can overcome resistance to exercise OR to work harder, longer, to become more fit/flexible/strong?
  • Friday. Review & apply ways to build & maintain a healthy body image Share with your buddy. Will you do them?
  • Saturday. Based on what’s working now make a new daily, weekly and monthly “To do List”  to maintain the progress of your BDS journey.

This is the seventh of an ongoing series about implementing the Beck Diet Solution ideas to “think thin”.

For more assistance about Maintaining a Wellness Lifestyle see both Chapter 19, of the Wellness Compass Travel Guide (which focuses on Maintaining balance) and Chapter 23, of the Wellness Compass Journey including Activity 23. My Wellness Lifestyle Plan.


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