How do you restore your tranquility?

Word of the month 2.2017: calmness; peacefulness; quiet;serenity.

To me nothing is so tranquil as the peace of a winter sunrise.

I’m a work hard, play hard, sleep hard kind of gal. Whether I am rushing to work, or blasting 40 MPH downhill on my bike I need speed. I can’t help it – I think fast: It’s in my blood! Fast is fun! But too fast, or fast too often is recklessly risky and leads to burn out. It also means I miss the details, sometimes those details are people and their feelings. That’s why all my life I’ve NEEDED time for tranquility: calmness; peacefulness; quiet; serenity. Without it I get burned out, burned up, out of balance and depressed. I loose my creative edge. I lose my center.  

To balance my face paced nature I require back to basics through retreats. Here’s  my favorites:

Time spent with our dog typically on Kailua beach restores me weekly.


Moonlight:  This is a bi-monthly retreat which started back in high school (See my senior year book photo). I crave the crescent moon as it visually represents a new  28 day cycle of life, and the full moon shining it’s brightest.

Bi-annual retreats to Yosemite. For the last 10 years or so I could not have survived without a retreat to Yosemite Valley. I have so many excellent pictures that I couldn’t choose one of my own and went for a classic B/W still to remind me how important times of stillness are to restoring my self-control and balance.

#5. Mountains. Although most of my life has taken place within 800m of a Hawaiian seashore, I crave the mountains and their majesty like this shot of the Rockies.

What’s your source of tranquility?


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