New Years Resolutions (NRY) #3: First review

NYR Suggestion: Regularly reflect on your NYR and tweak your plans

My vision: I seek to be a steadfast source of light.

To demonstrate how I really monitor my progress on my New Years Resolutions (NYR). I have bravely attempted to document the mental “stream of thought” process I went through in this first bi-weekly review of my NYR. The first is the most important simply because its first!

If you haven’t already spent time reflecting on how you are progressing on your New Years Resolutions  I encourage you to do so now!

Two-Week Progress Report on my NYR (1/15/17)

Goal #1: Be a steadfast source of light: Be humble and purposeful with reliable positivity and ingenuity;  Maintain my healthy daily and weekly routine.

Fitness Assessment #1:  5K Run/1K Swim: Magic Island Biathlon sponsored by Waikiki Swim Club): Got 2nd /5 in my age division, but had to stop on the run 2x, really dragged the last mile on the run, transition went well, struggled in the 1st 400 in the water with heavy arms, but my last 600M swim was fast! What I learned: I still run slow, but did great swimming, considering I had only done a 1k once before the rac.  At age 52 I am not a fast runner (those days may be gone), but am still a good swimmer who really doesn’t need to swim much to perform well. I’m also happy with my training and preparation for the race: Really good stretching!!

Good: Eating/exercise/sleep most days positive and good control. Maintained weight from Dec 1 to Jan 14-without getting on the scale any days in between!!

Lessons learned: / To improve upon:

  • AM meditations: Must commit to do this in 1st 5 min. after waking up or it doesn’t get done!
  • Fitness: Probably at a 8:30 min/mile average in a 5K. I need much more endurance before I can maintain my desired < 8:00 min/mile pace My plan to do the Women’s 10K in March is appropriate; need to train accordingly, aim to extend duration of activity to 90 minutes 2x/wk, one swim weekly, and keep up PiYo and therapy balls.
  • Positivity/Rest/Day: When I do too much I still get negative, esp. when I don’t get enough sleep: I must rest every day and focus on my goals, and take at least 4 hours of reflection time on Sundays (including 2 hours for church).

Goal #2.WCTG success ($$ & outreach): Support an effective and financially profitable WCTG book release by working with media specialists, and maintaining my website & blog through 2017.

  • Good. Happy with bi-weekly blog posts; they just take longer than I think and I still need hubby to edit!
  • Challenge/Shift Gears. YIPES! I just got the 1st book production proofs back – weeks before I thought I would. I had hoped to do other things…Now I must switch gears, stop everything else I don’t have to do, and devote the next two weeks to book editing. This means, particularly because I have a packed week at work (fully booked with clients) I have to live with the fact that I will be behind on my preparation for the Beck Diet Solution support group! I must just let this stress go, delay my plan for asset management and believe it will all work out! I believe!

Goal #3 Enhance asset management that assures security for the next 25 years without us or demanding full-time work past age 65;  Simplify, spend less and save more;  Maintain income streams: Dedicate 2-4  hours per week on finances for tasks …

  • Successes: Worked 36+ hrs/week: Paid business excise tax. Completed all banking and bill paying on time. Move forward to investigate home sale.
  • Challenges. I admit that every week working on finances are my most dreaded chore. I’d rather weed and clean than do finances, partly because it forces me to be inside sitting at my computer (not outside or more active) and partly because I am fighting to live more frugally! I don’t want to face the music that I can’t sustain the lifestyle that I think I’d like to have!

I can and will spend less.

I really should invest in help from a financial planner. I am not yet able to really devote my energy to financial planning – I have missed the opportunity to develop a financial plan in January – which would have been the best case scenario. I now must settle with the following revised objectives for this goal and will revise my checklist accordingly to:

  • Live simply: Only buy what I need based on family priorities and my goals.
  • Have an extensive garage sale, but delay it until after book edit is done: Target 2nd week in February.
  • Finish Taxes in February.
  • Make decision on house and financial plan by March 31, 2017.

Intended Process:

  • I must continue daily monitoring of my bi-weekly checklist: I need practice in AM meditations, constantly positive reframing or adequate rest on Sunday. If I don’t do this I will fail in “Being the light” and will be frustrated!
  • I will focus on little else than “being the light”, quality book edits/2 blogs per week, working 36 hours/wk, and trying to spend only what I need to from Jan 15 to 28.
  • I will reassess on Jan 29, Feb 12th and 26th, and plan to do another blog by Feb. 26. My next quarterly review is April 16.

I will not lose sight of my expected celebrations! 1) WCTG book launch (Spring 2017); 2) 5K in <25min by May 20;  3) $15K in savings/retirement by November 1, 2017. I will continue to reassess progress every two weeks, and then quarterly by April 16, July 15, and Oct 14, 2017.

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