Start well with accountability and willpower

BDS Series 4/9. Week 3. Go: Start your diet and exercise plan

You stopped. You got set with deep thinking about what you really wanted to achieve and invested your time by planning well. You may be anxious, impatient or just jittery because youʻre so excited to get started. Believe you’ve done your best, take a deep breath, hit the green button and GO!

Two attributes will assist you in putting your best foot forward this week and every week; accountability and willpower.  Accountability is the willingness to answer for the outcomes resulting from your choices, behaviors actions.   It’s the essence of being a responsible person, one who has integrity. Did you know that “a lack of personal accountability is at the heart of chronic stress. It saps us of our productivity. It wastes our time. It makes us less satisfied with our jobs, relationships and ourselves” (Linda Galindo, The 85% Solution, p. 231.)

That’s right. Many people fail to keep their resolutions because they fail to stay accountable to their commitments.

Note: This is the 4th post in a series of 9 posts  providing online support in using the 6-week Beck Diet Solution (BDS) to lose weight and keep it off.   See the Initial blog for more background.

How can you stay accountable?

#1. Keep your vision visible! See it. Say it. Daily. Go public to have additional incentive to stay on course.

Control food temptation: The pencil eraser represents willpower needed to “erase” past weaknesses and maintain discipline over food choices.

#2. Develop a system that works for you to track whatever you need to. It can be a calendar, a diet and fitness log, a phone app like myfitnesspal, meeting with others to talk about your progress and/or some combination.  Your logging should be more intense right now when getting started with new habits (which is why the BDS workbook is so useful). However, over time you must be able to keep track of the “big picture” of your wellness vision, and how it relates to other aspects of your life and well-being.

#3. Enhance  your willpower or self-discipline.

How strong is your willpower?  Assess yourself here:  If you feel you’ll benefit from increasing your self-discipline, especially this week when you begin overcoming temptations, then  complete Activity 12.1 of the Wellness Compass Travel Guide.

Week 3. GO: Start your diet and exercise plan.

  • 22/Day 14.Weigh-In #4. Plan and secure what you will eat this week Accept you must plan to be successful.
  • 23/Day 15. START DIET & EXERCISE PLAN Track/Log what you ate and reflect on how you did, confirm your diet plan for the next day.
  • 24/Day 16. Give up spontaneous eating today. Only eat what you planned today Create 3 to 6 personal rules for eating well.
  • 25/Day 17. End overeating. Practice leaving food on your plate (load plate with too much). Stop when you planned to.
  • 26/Day 18. Change your definition of full. Commit to always stop eating when you can still take a brisk walk. Practice daily!
  • 27/Day 19. Don’t deceive/delude yourself. Practice not eating a tempting food three times today (3x).
  • 28/Day 20. Plan your start over moment. Write out what you‘ll do when you slip up to “get back on track.” Say it to yourself 3x.


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