Overcome fears by preparing well

BDS Series 2/9: Week 1. Get Ready. Laying the Foundation for success

What are you scared of? Wasting time? Embarrassing yourself? Getting hurt? Failing? I’m scared too! I’m scared of not even trying. I’m scared of becoming a person who doesn’t take risks; who doesn’t stand up for what I believe in; who stands by or silent when others get mistreated; who perceives herself to be incomplete; or to be so “knocked down” by naysayers and other mean spirited persons that I no longer believe in myself.

If you are afraid to believe in yourself or to take risks and truly change; then you really can’t be successful in keeping your weight off in a healthy manner. Why? For most of us, perpetually eating well (not perfectly) and regularly exercising requires making choices, taking risks and trying new things; like new foods, activities and sacrifices every day.

Acknowledgement: Some of us struggle first and foremost with either fear or change, and must overcome these obstacles to build the required foundation to maintain a healthy lifestyle indefinitely.  We will need to embrace the mental and lifestyle changes needed to sustain the “Think Thin” concepts in the Beck Diet Solution .  Visiting the “Courageously Changing” goal of the Wellness Compass Travel Guide, related blogs and specific activities designed to facilitate growth in this area may help; but for some it may not be enough.  Some of you may need assistance from a psychologist to help “retrain your brain” addressing more fundamental issues first or concurrently with the Beck Diet Solution.

If this is you, please ask and be willing to receive the professional assistance you deserve!

For the rest of us, this week’s daily prompts are really about the step-by-step foundation building required for any successful accomplishment: Planning, staying motivated, acknowledging even little steps in your journey, having a functional support system, as well as more mindful eating that is core to the Beck Diet Solution.

Week 1: GET READY: Laying the Foundation for success

  • Jan. 8/Weigh-In #2. Consider what diet you will use through March 1, and if you need a food scale and/ or measuring cups.
  • Jan.9/Day 1. Set up a reminder system for your “Advantages of weight loss” to stay focused & not give in. Need motivation?
  • Jan.10/Day 2. Finalize your diet plan, maximum calories and minimum grams of protein per day, i.e. 1200 kcal, 60g protein, + vitamin.
  • Jan.11/Day 3. Commit to NOT eating while standing up/in car/at desk (even when difficult).
  • Jan.12/Day 4. Give yourself credit daily even if it seems silly and especially when having an off day.
  • Jan.13/Day 5. Eat slowly: Be mindful of every single bite even when it feels unnatural or you are rushed.
  • Jan.14/Day 6. Share with diet buddy 1) one success and 2) a specific request or a question.

Note: This is the 2nd post in a series of 9 Dr. Derrickson is providing for online support in using the Beck Diet Solution resources. Please see the Initial blog for more background.

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