Train your brain to “think thin” w/the Beck Diet Solution (BDS): The missing piece to successful weight loss

BDS 1/9: Preparation Week: Moving from contemplation to commitment

Have you made weight loss resolutions before, only to give up (laugh and then cry about it) a few weeks later? How would you like to make 2017 the year you consistently are successful in overcoming negative thoughts, barriers and plateaus – The year you start MAINTAINING a healthy weight? I’ve worked with hundreds of people in learning how to lose weight effectively and keep it off. And I’d like to share with you a few secrets: first – it’s not about what diet you choose, but how long you can really stick to eat well without excess calories; second – if you want to keep it off you must exercise and get the sleep your body needs; and, third – you must think like a thin person.

This book (or the workbook) can help you overcome negative thoughts that sabotage weight loss efforts.

Judith S. Beck, a renowned psychologist, has developed a 6-week “Beck Diet Solution” (BDS) to help you learn just how to think thin. It incorporates many of the coaching techniques I’ve utilized throughout the years in helping people set up a good plan, developing new habits, breaking through sabotaging thoughts that keep you off track, and staying motivated. The BDS takes at least 6 weeks, doesn’t provide you a specific diet or foods to eat, or even an exercise plan. You reach a healthy weight by setting up a step-by-step approach to incrementally train your mind’s “resistance muscle” and develop a confident attitude.  “Strong mind set” may be the missing piece for why you’ve struggled in the past to lose weight and keep it off.

The problem is that getting through 42 days with the BDS is hard to stick to without support.   In an exploratory effort to build “stronger mind sets” over the next 8 weeks, from January 4 through March 1, 2017, I’ll be facilitating a support group using the 6-week plan in the BDS (with one additional week for planning at the beginning and a repeat of week 4). Within each blog for 8 week’s I’ll be offering single prompts (a key task to do) so that anyone, wherever you live, whenever works best each day – can practice the thinking and lifestyle habits needed to permanently maintain a healthy weight.

What do you need to do to build your Think Thin Mindset?

Commit to doing your best to work through all 42 days of the Beck Diet Solution and set a realistic weight goal for how much you want you wan to lose. Commit to weigh-ins at least once each month, ideally weekly, and no more than once a day.Weight loss is optional, but encouraged.

Choose a diet buddy OR contact Dr. Derrickson via emails as your buddy.

Complete the “think thin” prompts every day

  • Everyone is also encouraged to follow and complete the daily prompts outlined in these blogs. If you don’t have the Beck Diet workbook, use your own notebook or the diet solution daily journal.

Choose and follow your own diet and fitness plans. Except for encouraging you to choose a nutritiously sound plan: at least 1,000 calories/day; daily minimum of 60 grams of protein; eat breakfast; vegetables;  lots of water; and sufficient sleep. I will NOT be discussing any actual diet, nor your fitness plans; as although these elements are important they will distract from our focus on learning “cognitive thin thin skills” techniques outlined by Beck.

Daily Prompts for Preparation Week: Jan 1-7, 2017

Focus: The Power of Cognitive Therapy for Weight Loss

P.S. You can start using the prompts in this series of 9 blogs anytime – you don’t have to start at New Years!

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