New Years Resolutions (NYR) #3. Share to keep yourself accountable

NYR Suggestion: Go public - Allow others to assist your in your journey

I admit it’s a little difficult to understand or even believe I know what I’m talking about in terms of successful New Year’s Resolutions without proof.  I’ve included a few examples of my past successes (and lessons learned) in my forthcoming Wellness Compass Travel Guide, but it won’t be published until this Spring.  So, as the final post of a three-part series on successful New Year’s Resolutions I’ll provide a snapshot of my own 2017 NY resolutions, vision, key strategies and summarize how/why they were developed. I expect to periodically share my struggles and success at www.facebook/getwellgetfitgethappy – and encourage you to share your expectations and process with others so it will help you stay accountable and motivated.

My 2017 NY resolutions.

The setting: Like many baby-boomers, I’ve got enough life experience and responsibility to know I have to set and keep resolutions or I will get swallowed up in the status quo and fall behind. I have 30+ years of success in maintaining my physical health, fitness and spiritual strength, and 30+ of struggling with my emotional control and getting out of balance (taking on too much without enough rest/relaxation/fun).   Financially, we (by beloved husband and I) are at the pre-retirement stage where we are way behind in saving, but at least own our home and don’t have a lot of debt.

The process: To develop the following I used all the key steps in NY Resolution Post #1 (Planning), Post #2 (Q&A), and key components of all the tools of the Wellness Compass Travel Guide Journey (particularly the The Wellness Compass Profile) over a period of a week (Dec 26-Dec 31) with input from immediate family members.

My Vision for 2017.

To be a reliable source of light, who assists others in enhancing their well-being through personal health coaching and a successful launch of the Wellness Compass Travel Guide (WCTG).  As a part of my lifelong wellness journey I will be more peaceful and balanced (pono).

My Resolutions and key strategies. Throughout 2017 I hereby resolve to:

  • Be a steadfast source of light: Be humble and purposeful with reliable positivity and ingenuity;  Maintain my healthy daily and weekly routine.
  • WCTG success ($$ & outreach): Support an effective and financially profitable book WCTG release by working with media specialists, and maintaining my website & blog through 2017.
  • Enhance asset management that assures security for the next 25 years without us or demanding full-time work past age 65;  Simplify, spend less and save more;  Maintain income streams: Dedicate 2-4  hours per week on finances for tasks that directly contribute to financial strength (excluding basic home maintenance and employment).

Intended Process.  Commence with bi-weekly wellness checklist monitoring for first two weeks aiming to integrate directly with my  2017 “Inner Guide” planner;   Reassess progress every two weeks, and then quarterly by April 16, July 15, and Oct 14, 2017.

Expected Celebration. WCTG book launch (Spring 2017), 5K in <25min by May 20;  $15K in savings/retirement by November 1, 2017.

I look forward to an amazing year, and hope to hear about your New Year’s Resolutions success in 2017.

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