New Years Resolutions (NYR) #1. Invest in your success

NYR Suggestion: Be effective - Do it well or do it over!

Are you sick and tired of making resolutions only to break them within a month or two? Don’t feel bad – you’re in good company. About 1 in 10 American’s struggle to maintain their resolutions too! Why do we fail? It’s probably a combination of reasons for ineffectiveness, i.e. lack of confidence,  patience, planning and follow through.

Make this year a success by investing in planning. In the spirit of global well-being I, Joda P. Derrickson, PhD, RDN, ACSM EP-C, Certified Health Coach author of The Wellness Compass Travel Guide: Tools for a Lifelong Journey, offer fellow wellness travelers the, with all it’s free downloads, action-oriented semi-weekly blog posts,and will host the getwellgetfitgethappy Facebook page at least through 12/31/17 to assist you on your life journey.

Based on previous materials, client success over 25 years, and The Wellness Compass Travel Guide, I’m sharing a three-part outline to successful New Year’s resolutions that expands on my 2011 Steps for Successful New Year’s Resolutions.   It’s the framework for what I’ve used since I was 20, with 20-20 hindsight from overly ambitious years and hopefully greater insight into what it takes to maintain “well-balanced” success over time as we mature and struggle with life’s ups and downs. While this list is designed for annual planning, it really could start at anytime or be used for a different time frame, i.e. 3 months up to five years. Feel free to tweak and integrate into existing organizational systems.

New Years Resolutions: Part 1 Invest in Planning

1.Reflect on the past year.

  • What went well? How did you contribute to these accomplishments? What could you or should you continue?
  • What didn’t go well or needs to be changed? What will impact your future? What can you learn and apply to be most effective in the next year (five years)?

2. Do a well-rounded assessment of your status. Consider the following

  1. Looking forward to the new year: Summarize what you’ve learned in a SWOT Analysis
  • Strengths (to build on and/or retain)
  • Weaknesses (to improve)
  • Opportunities in next 1-5 years
  • Threats in next 1-5 years
  1. Brainstorm the top 5-10 things you’d like to accomplish in the next year sketching out WHY you need to do it, by WHEN, and quickly identify a few strategies of what it would take to make this goal happen. Consider this your first draft of possible goals. Don’t refer to your draft goals as resolutions until you are 100% confident you have “resolved” to make them occur!
  1. Realistically check your time commitments over the year, really focusing on the next three months. Are there additional “goals” or tasks you must achieve? Are their time, energy or financial conflicts among your possible goals?  Create a second draft of possible goals based on what you’ve learned from this.
  1. Mull it over.  Marinate your ideas for at least two days before you go on to Part 2. Setting Realistic Resolutions. Why wait? Time allows you additional time to consider these ideas. It can also be a time where you share your draft ideas with the significant other people in your life, particularly getting input on goals that involve their time, support and or money.

Additional spicing for your consideration before moving on to my second of three posts.

  • Why are you using the New Years to create resolutions in the first place?
  • Pretend it’s five years from now (i.e. 2017-2022). Looking back in 2022 – what do you absolutely want to NOT regret that you didn’t accomplish when you could in 2017?
  • If you only have one thing that could improve your personal life in the next year and one thing to do to improve the well-being of someone(s) you love – what would you do?

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