Take A Hike.

Balance stress by a change of scenery

Life, especially holidays can be overwhelming: travel; hosting families; cleaning house; buying gifts; and battling traffic. Even our day-to-day lives are filled to the brim with the minutae of attempting to balance our work and home life. Those are recipes for stress that can have us seeking a moment of quiet or a place of refuge.

Take a Hike!

Penned by guest author Scott Derrickson, AICP

On a figurative level Iʻm advocating taking a break from the chaos that might be swirling around us or inside us. On a more literal level Iʻm suggesting that you get up, get moving, and get out of whatever environment you are struggling in and seek refuge in the harmony of your outdoors. The hike can be as simple as a walk outside your office in an urban environment or a rigorous trek to a nature trail, mountain, or coastline.

You know that the physical act of movement by itself provides benefits like: getting your circulation going, puts time and distance between you and the stressors, lets you unclench from sitting, and the exercise stimulates body chemicals that can combat stress. Psychologically, getting in the great outdoors provides more than a change of scenery. It helps you get unstuck, to see things from a new perspective, to let go of any anger;  It’s an opportunity to allow ideas to percolate; To free your mind to connect the dots in new ways. Together, the physical and psychological movement of “taking a hike” can serve to pry loose emotional insights that sitting still never could.

Give yourself a gift (and a break): Take a Hike!


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