My Psalm 23 Remix

Clarify your spiritual creed to stay true to your religious beliefs.

How do you stay true to your spiritual beliefs?

How do you stay true to your spiritual beliefs?

Spiritual wellness is truly about being your best self, most of the time, for as long as you can. It’s also about being human, messing up from time to time, honoring our unique differences and needs for flexibility, and believing that we are all on this journey together. With that spirit, you accept yourself just as you are, no matter what you’ve done. I encourage you to be honest and open-minded, to bravely explore new paths, to learn from your journeys, and to keep growing. Just like a compass, this approach points you in what is believed to be true north—the best direction. But it doesn’t require you to follow. Only you know what’s best for you—what your inner gut, your conscience, tells you is the best course of action. Only you are responsible for your decisions and the consequences—good or bad, large or small. You decide whether or not you believe there is a divine power, creator or God, and what it takes to live as this creator wants you to.

No matter what you believe you must be able to embody your beliefs so they shape your thoughts, words and actions on a daily basis. If you don’t you can become hypocritical or apathetic, and that’s not health or wellness.

I am a woman of faith. Yet, sometimes I get lost, I lose sight of the wonder and mercy of my God when I’m arrogant, exhausted or too task-oriented. When I get disoriented I get angry, depressed and a lot more materialistic. Instead of being a wellness guru I turn into a negative witch! Despite years of faith, I must constantly refresh and renew to stay true to my beliefs. I need a simple spiritual creed to keep me grounded. One way I’ve found to stay faithful is to memorize key passages, scriptures or songs that best resonate with my beliefs – so no matter where I am and what I’m doing I can replay my spiritual creed in my head to remember I’m loved and forgiven.

Here’s my creed – I call it my Psalm 23 Remix


The Lord is my Shepherd

I shall not want.

As his sheep he knows my name.

He leads. I follow.

He protects. I’m faithful.

Surely I am blessed by his love and mercy all the days of my life.

To Ponder.

  • How do you feel if/when your behavior is inconsistent with your beliefs? Are you content with this feeling?
  • What’s your spiritual creed? How do you stay true to your beliefs?

Activity 2 in the Wellness Compass Travel Guide encourages you to clarify your beliefs; and your perceptions on what is required for true love, forgiveness and acting upon your beliefs.

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4 thoughts on “My Psalm 23 Remix

  1. I like your creed! I try to let my light shine through my words, actions and thoughts by embracing the larger meaning of Micah 6:8 – doing justice, loving kindness, and walking humbly. More specifically I filter my actions /words by asking:
    T – Is what I have to say True?
    H – is it helpful to others?
    I – will it inspire and create good feelings?
    N- is it absolutely necessary to say if it could be interpreted as hurtful (sometimes it really is!)
    K- Is it kind? The world needs a lot more kindness

  2. I also find it helpful in life to have a spiritual creed to fall back on for re-centering. I was baptized a Christian, but while my spouse is a Christian, I took a different spiritual path in our relationship. I am not a practicing Bahai, yet here is my spiritual creed that I learned through my journey in the Bahai Faith: Lord guide me, protect me, illuminate my lamp, make me a most merciful soul, for thou art my guide and refugee forever. Amen. When I need strength or courage or spiritual re-newing, this is the creed I say in my head. I also say it when in an airplane taking off and landing, and especially ask for God’s help with the pilot !

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