The Wellness Compass Travel Guide

Tools for a Lifelong Journey

 You and your life are important!  

Take control of your journey – where your footsteps lead you – this year and every year for the rest of your life using The Wellness Compass Travel Guide (WCTG)

Who’s responsible for your success and well-being– YOU are!

Currently maintaining your spiritual, socioemotional well-being, physical health and life purpose is a tall order.  Most of us are stressed, out of balance and don’t have the knowledge, discipline or financial resources to reach high levels of well-being on our own. When we do create wellness goals, like New Year’s Resolutions, fewer than 10% succeed! Most don’t even believe they can succeed!

We need simple, affordable wellness guidance. Yet, wellness is a complex tapestry with threads consisting of our health, spiritual, socio-emotional, financial well-being and life purpose. Most self-help books address only one aspect of wellness and aren’t flexible enough to allow or even encourage individual variation. Even fewer attempt to actually provide an inexpensive yet systematic approach that inspires and provides the basic tools for readers to assess, prioritize and achieve diverse wellness goals for a lifetime. That’s why this book and site were developed.

Anyone can improve their by implementing concepts of The Wellness Compass Travel Guide: Tools for a Lifelong Journey because it provides a comprehensive yet flexible, self-help guide to lifelong well-being which includes:

  • The Wellness Compassa directional guide that illustrates 13 generic goals across five wellness domains: Spiritual; Socialemotional; Physical Health, Life’s Purpose and Maintaining balance;
  • The Wellness Compass Guidebook (Chapters 2-19):  a integrated compilation of wellness resources designed to facilitate self-discovery and provide you with the building blocks to robust wellness; and,
  • The Wellness Compass Journey (Chapters 20-24): a three-step goal accomplishment process with tools for each stage of your Journey, and tips to prevent relapse and backsliding.

 Start your journey today by exploring this site, download for free all book activities and/or subscribing to the Wellness Compass blog for inspirational semi-weekly wellness posts.

This site is Under Construction!

We are process of updating all downloads and links to assure they are consistent with the final version of the Wellness Compass Travel Guide. Thank you for your understanding.

Acknowledgement: The WCTG was designed for all adults, but particularly 19-64 year old adults, who want to improve any aspect of their well-being and take charge of their life. It is non-denominational, considers diverse learning and communication styles, and ambitions. It is not designed to treat illness or to replace treatment from expert practitioners, but is encouraged to be used as a self-help resource that can be used by individuals, with our without professional assistance, and in groups/our classes with facilitation.


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